Online Bootcamp for Coding Interviews | interviewcamp

Online Bootcamp for Coding Interviews | interviewcamp
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This has all the material + updates to earlier upload

The best way to get an offer letter from leading technology companies. Tired of looking at problems online? We focus on methods. We call them Building Blocks for Technical Interviews ™. Study these blocks and practice our problems – it will be much easier for you to go through the interview.

100+ methods

We cover all the main topics in algorithms and systems design.

60+ hours of video content

Our material is self-sufficient and created for real interviews.

Algorithm Topics

We focus on methods. For each technique, we explain practical problems and assign homework.

Arrays and Strings
Binary search
Linked list
Dynamic programming
Binary tree
Binary search tree
Hash table
Hash functions
Sorting Algorithms
Bit manipulation
Selection algorithm
Impending problems
Execution in memory
Common myths
System Design Topics

We provide the basis for system design issues. We will take a closer look at several key components of the system.

System Design Approach
The Anatomy of Scalable Backends
Distributed File System Design
Distributed processing
Distributed caching
Split functions
Dynamic sharding
Consecutive hashing
CAP Theorem
Big data sorting
Database indexing
Which database to use
Load balancers
Search for nearby neighbors
Web backend development
Message exchange
E-commerce backend
Other general questions

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