Official 2K19 Crypto & Blockchain Master Class

Official 2K19 Crypto & Blockchain Master Class
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THIS is an in-depth course that guides YOU through the new, exciting, and sometimes dangerous space of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. We cover TIMELESS PRINCIPLES in this course. This means – ONCE you understand and APPLY the fundamental concepts taught here – you will be able to make the most intelligent decisions BY YOURSELF!

Understand the Fundamental Principles (Cryptography, the Blockchain protocol, Distributed Networks, +)

Master Comprehensive Set of the concepts (Proof of Work/Stake, Mining, Airdrops, Lightening Network, +)

Learn the History and current state of Bitcoin (Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto)

Foresee the Future Impact of the Blockchain in various industries (Real Estate, Gaming, Finance, Supply Chain, +)

Apply Actionable Investment Strategies! (Trading Concepts, Algorithmic Bots, Passive Investment Techniques, +)

ICOs, Exchanges, Ethereum (the World Computer), and more!

YOU WILL KNOW the major terms, players, and tools necessary to become a crypto connoisseur.

If you wanted to get into cryptocurrencies, but didn’t know where to start – This course is for you!

WHY do we teach this course?

BECAUSE – Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain will change the world.

We genuinely believe that. We KNOW that. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

We created this course because we believe everyone should be aware and able to benefit from the advent of cryptocurrencies. Not just those “in the know”. We realize the vast implications that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will have in the future on our daily lives, and on existing & emerging markets so…

We decided to create THIS AWESOME COURSE that we are very proud of to share with you!

We realized EVERYONE shared similar concerns when it came to cryptocurrencies.

They wanted to learn what it was AND…

How to invest BUT..

They were hesitant about how to get started BECAUSE…

There was too much misinformation!

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