OAuth OpenID Connect Implementation | Udemy

OAuth OpenID Connect Implementation | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
By the end of this course, You will understand how to secure your cloud services and APIs using OAuth and OpenID connect.
You will get real-time experience for OAuth flow selection and problem-solving strategies.
Detailed knowledge and practices for OAuth development and OpenID connect framework.
Understanding of OAuth client-side implementation and authentication between microservices.
Usage of OAuth terminology such as Actors, Endpoints, Tokens.
Deep dive into Securing Web API using JWT Token – Basic Authentication

With advanced technology, most enterprises would like to implement security posture for their development process and application usage. OAuth is globally standard service access for web API development. This tutorial will deliver the deep knowledge behind OAuth and OpenID connection for the authorization server.

OAuth 2.0 allowing the user to share their resource with the third party while keeping the private credential safe. Understanding and applying the proper OAuth authentication flow will resolve the microservice authentication issues. The selection of authorization grant type will depend on the application to request authorization methods, which is supported by the API.

With OpenID Connect, you can access a trusted external provider to grant the application access to your credentials and it will be the standard for single sign-on and identity provision. If you are familiar with the Access Tokens, you can perform the predetermined set of actions to inform an API that the bearer of the token has been authorized. In addition, you also practiced authenticating JWT tokens in ASP.NET Core to improve APIS security performance.


Authentication and Authorization

Understanding OAuth2 and OpenIdConnect

Authenticate with JWT Bearer Token

Using IdentityServer4

Authenticating between microservices

Implementing Role-based and Policy-based Authorization

This online training includes the latest updates from the OAuth and OpenID Connect to deliver deeply engaged learning under API security. In this journey, you will have a Hands-on Step By Step Process of learning for a real-time experience

Who this course is for:
Software programmer and Architects who would like to implement OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server for their organization.
The person who has basic working experience with APIs, web apps.
Programmers who want to implement security posture for mobile apps or microservices.
Any IT programmer who is curious to learn OAuth and OpenID connect.



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