No-Code Machine Learning with Qlik AutoML | Udemy

No-Code Machine Learning with Qlik AutoML | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Machine Learning on Qlik AutoML without writing any Code
5 Live Projects with Sample Dataset
Training and Testing ML Models, Improving Accuracy
Basics of Machine Learning
Model Parameters like SHAP, Feature Importance, Confusion Matrix etc, both in theory and practical
Resources to get right set of data to practice and apply Machine Learning
All Features and Options in Qlik AutoML
Creating Projects, Analysis & Versions in Qlik AutoML
Using Scenario Editor to do What-If Analysis & to gain business insights

This Qlik AutoML Course will help you to become a Machine Learning Expert and will enhance your skills by offering you comprehensive knowledge, and the required hands-on experience on this newly launched Cloud based ML tool, by solving real-time industry-based projects, without needing any complex coding expertise.

Top Reasons why you should learn Qlik AutoML :

Qlik AutoML is an automated machine learning platform for analytics teams, or any individual, to generate models, make predictions, and test business scenarios using a simple, code-free experience.

You do not need Advanced Coding expertise generally required in the field of Machine Learning.

Complex knowledge of Statistics, Algorithms, Mathematics that is difficult to master is also not required.

Machine Learning Models that usually takes many days to build, are available very quickly in just a few minutes.

The demand for ML professionals is on the rise. This is one of the most sought-after profession currently in the lines of Data Science.

There are multiple opportunities across the Globe for everyone with Machine Learning skills.

Qlik AutoML has a small learning curve and you can pick up even advanced concepts very quickly.

You do not need high configuration computer to learn this tool. All you need is any system with internet connectivity.

Top Reasons why you should choose this Course :

This course is designed keeping in mind the students from all backgrounds – hence we cover everything from basics, and gradually progress towards advanced topics.

We will not just do some clicks, create model and finish the course – we will learn all the basics, and the various parameters on which ML models are evaluated – in detail. We will learn how to improve the model and generate more accurate predictions.

We take live Industry Projects and do each and every step from start to end in the course itself.

This course can be completed in a Day !

All Doubts will be answered.

Most Importantly, Guidance is offered beyond the Tool – You will not only learn the Software, but important Machine Learning principles. Also, I will share the resources where to get the best possible help from, & also the sources to get public datasets to work on to get mastery in the ML domain.

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this Qlik AutoML course.

Who this course is for:
Machine Learning Enthusiasts
Data Science Professionals
Students / Professionals who want to enter ML domain but don’t have Coding expertise
Anybody in General who want to know what is Machine Learning and apply it practically but don’t know where to begin.

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