NHK Kabuki Kool – The Gallant Commoner Banzui Chobei (2021)

NHK Kabuki Kool – The Gallant Commoner: Banzui Chobei (2021)
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Category: Documentary

This time we look at a 17th century historical figure who was the champion of the commoners against the abuses of the samurai. We look at Chobei as a gang boss and then a play that shows his tragic end. Mizuno, the leader of a samurai gang, traps Chobei into going defenseless into the bath so that he can kill him.

At the Suzugamori execution grounds, handsome young Shirai Gonpachi fights off a gang of homeless. That leads to a fateful meeting with Chobei.

Chobei is invited to share a toast of peace with Mizuno. As a matter of honor, Chobei agrees to go, even though he knows that it is a trap and he is going to his death. His wife desperately tries to keep him from going.

In the banquet room, Chobei handily defends himself against a sudden attack. But finally, Mizuno forces Chobei into the bath, where he will be defenseless and cannot escape death.

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