Next Level Filmmaking: An Advanced Videography Course | Udemy

Next Level Filmmaking: An Advanced Videography Course | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Understand the advanced camera settings to assist in filming and create unique looks
Learn how to get steady shots while filming Handheld and with stabilisers
How to light for Interviews with and without lights
Using Windows to light scenes and subjects
Understanding what causes Lens Flares, Ghosting and Banding, how to avoid these problems
Purposes of Filters (Polarizers, NDs, Macros), how to use them, and the effects they have on photos and videos
Hands on exercises to gain a better understanding of the material being taught
Lots and Lots of behind the scenes examples, diagrams, downloads, and tutorials to provide a better understanding
How to frame shots using Reflections, Symmetry, Leading Lines, and Size

Join filmmaker Scott Baker for the ultimate in depth study of Camera Settings, Lighting, Lens Filters, and Shot Composition. This course skips the basics and immediately gets into the more advanced details and skills required to bring your Videos and Photos to the next level. And forget about excessive talking heads, Video Production and Photography is visual, that’s why this course is loaded with insider Behind-the-Scenes Examples, Tutorials, and Diagrams to make the material easy to understand and more enjoyable to learn.


Video Creation and Photography is now one of the most in-demand skills, and by enrolling in this course you are guaranteed to gain the skills and knowledge you need to film Weddings, Music, Sports, Commercials and any other kind of Live Event. Not only will you learn to create stunning content, but you’ll gain the problem solving skills needed to get great results fast, and while under pressure. Making you a reliable go-to filmmaker in your field.

This course will save you time and money by taking advantage of my Experience in the Film Industry Dating back to 2009 as I share the knowledge, tips, tricks, and secrets I’ve learned to make sure you get your film projects started the right way, and raise the quality of your filmmaking.


Camera Settings — Colour Temperature, Histograms, Markers, Presets & Log Formats, Picture Profiles, Dynamic Range

Camera Movements — Dolly & Trucking Shots, Speed of Movements, Pan / Tilt / Crane, Stabilisation, Focus Pulling

Framing Techniques — Leading Lines, Symmetry, Depth of Field, Reflections

Lens Filters — Polarizers, Neutral Density Filters, UVs, Macros and how they solve problems and create compelling shots

Lighting Techniques — 3 Point set up, Hard vs Soft lighting, Using Reflectors, Banding, Lens Flares and more


This class is for any Filmmaker, Photographer, or Videographer that already has experience, or who is looking to build on the skills you’ve learned in a beginner courses. Whether you’re an aspiring Cinematographer, Vlogger, or Beginner Videographer, this class is for all. And it doesn’t matter if you’re using a high end camera or your smart phone, these techniques apply to all, and they can be done with regular lights used in everyday life (including the sun). There is some equipment I will recommend, but even those are inexpensive.

Get Creative, Have Fun, and Take Risks

With a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is no risk!. Enroll now to take your filmmaking to the NEXT LEVEL.

See you in the classroom.

– Scott

Who this course is for:
Photographers who want to transition to Videography
Someone wanting a film school level understanding about videography without paying thousands of dollars
YouTubers, Videographers, Aspiring Filmmakers, Content Creators, and Photographers
Beginners wanting to advance to an Intermediate level

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