Next Level B&W Fine Art Photography – Joel Tjintjelaar

Next Level B&W Fine Art Photography – Joel Tjintjelaar
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Black & white fine art photography has come a long way. The first transition was from darkroom to digital. As a next development, Joel Tjintjelaars, a pioneer in this field, designed elaborate postprocessing techniques to create authentic pieces of art.

Now, black & white fine art photography is ready for the next level: Joel has created a theoretical background and tools that take you straight to the result with much less painstaking Photoshop work. In this tutorial, Joel provides a solid framework of how to find the right interpretation of your image gives you a clear vision on how to approach your work. A masking service saves you hours of work to prepare the elaborate masks necessary for full control over your image. And finally, a Photoshop Panel that automates most of the Photoshop techniques needed to get amazing results when processing your images.

Follow Joel Tjintjelaar to the next level of black & white fine art photography and save many hours of work getting there.

Included in this tutorial is:

– 15 films in FullHD/1080p with a duration of 214 minutes.
– A .tif file of the example image for you to work around with.
– A PDF including the content description of the films.
– A 50 EUR coupon for ProImageEditors “Black & White Fine Art Masking” Service.
– A PDF with a description for ProImageEditors “Black & White Fine Art Masking” Service.

Please note 1: The tutorial frequently refers to the B&W Artisan Pro X software for Photoshop CC2015.5 and higher, which is a huge timesaver when creating Fineart B&W images. Whilst the tutorial also gives you info on how to work without it, we strongly recommend that you should get/have the panel. If you don’t have it yet, there is a special deal available for the combo of tutorial and panel here. For more information about the panel please visit my website.

Please note 2: Due to the large file size we recommend a fast internet connection!


1 – Joel Tjintjelaar on Fine Art Photography
Marc Ludwig from FotoTV and black & white fine art photographer Joel Tjintjelaar discuss the topic of this tutorial “Next Level B&W Fine Art Photography, including a discourse into Joel’s background. [15:31 Minutes]

2 – Three Principles on Creating Effective Photographs
Marc and Joel talk about three principles which are, according to Joel, essential to creating images with a high visual impact: figure and ground, contrast, and depth. [23:33 Minutes]

3 – Shooting Architecture – a High Impact Approach
Join Joel on a photoshoot in DUsseldorf, Germany. He explains three image shots and gives insights into his equipment, settings, and tools he uses during the shoot. [19:06 Minutes]

4 – Image Analysis + Post-processing Preparation
Back in the studio, Marc and Joel analyze one of the images shot in DUsseldorf based on the three principles: figure and ground, contrast, and depth. [05:01 Minutes]

5 – Post-processing Strategy
Joel and Marc discuss the post-production strategy of the chosen image from the shoot, which will be worked on in the following films. Joel also gives a small excursion into his masking process and why it is so important. [15:31 Minutes]

6 – B6W Conversion vs. Processing
In this film, the first two steps of the post-production are discussed – the conversion. First, Joel shows the conversion from RAW in “Camera RAW” and afterward the conversion from color to black & white in Photoshop. [10:06 Minutes]

7 – Gradient Tool Basics in Photoshop
Joel explains the essential grading tool before working on the actual image. Then, he starts working on the ground contrast and describes his photoshop layer set up and workflow. [15:17 Minutes]

8 – Gradient Tool Basics with the B6W Artisian Pro X Panel
After showing the gradient tool in Photoshop, Joel explains how gradation is done with his panel to highlight the benefits of working with the panel. [13:40 Minutes]

9 – The Symbiotic Relationship of Contrast and Depth
The focus of the film is the connection between the contrast and depth principles. Joel explains it using his B&W Artisian Pro X Panel. [02:35 Minutes]

10 – Post-processing – Adding Depth to the Image
Joel works on the example image and explains how he applies his contrast and depth principle in detail. Afterward, a time-lapse of the whole process is shown. [13:32 Minutes]

11 – Creating Highlights with the B6W Artisian Pro X Panel
After some work on the picture, Joel forms specific areas of the images and creates local highlights to enhance the image further and give it its desired look. [07:15 Minutes]

12 – Local Adjustments with the B6W Artisian Pro X Panel
Joel focuses on small local adjustments and explains a tool in his panel for making parts lighter/darker without creating sharp edges – similar to the brush in Photoshop. [06:01 Minutes]

13 – Local Free Form Contrast Adjustments
After sitting with the image for a while, Joel returns to his editing and works on micro-adjustements to enhance the image in his desired way. [13:58 Minutes]

14 – Image Tweaking and Evaluation
Following the micro-adjustments, Joel goes back and looks at the whole image and tweaks some parts as global adjustments. Afterward, he shows the final result and recapitalizes the main points and goals of this tutorial. [12:28 Minutes]

15 – Bonus – Masking Methods
A central element of this process is the masking of different image parts. Joel gives an insight into three masking techniques using the example image as well as an additional picture. [35:55 Minutes]

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