New Masters Academy: From Paper to Canvas – Joseph Todorovitch

New Masters Academy: From Paper to Canvas – Joseph Todorovitch
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In this 10-week course, internationally renowned artist Joseph Todorovitch teaches you his tonal approach to figure drawing, which is designed and tailored specifically for painters. In the first half of the course, you will learn to draw the figure while focusing on value masses, shape design, and edge quality in relation to the form. You will study a procedural approach that forces you to work simple, then gradually progresses to more complexity. The second half of the course will be devoted to applying this approach in oil painting. After analyzing the connection between the two mediums, you will be introduced to color mixing and color theory. This course will guide you through how to create drawings as preparatory studies for paintings, and provide you a fundamental understanding of figure painting.

Week 1: Overview of Figure Drawing with Conté Pencil
In week one, you will learn how to establish three major masses of the figure, make clear design choices, and begin to posterize, or graphically separate lights from shadows.

Week 2: Costumed Figure Drawing with Conté Pencil
Now that you have learned to construct simple, clearly designed figures, we will attempt to add clothing. In week two, you will learn how to use 3D and graphic ideas to drape clothing over the figure.

Week 3: Modeling Form in Figure Drawing
In week three, Joseph will teach you his technique for drawing with willow charcoal. You will learn about posterization, gradients, and blending using various tools to create a tonal drawing as quickly and simply as possible.

Week 4: Developing Hierarchy in Figure Drawing
In week four, you will learn how to establish the focal point of your composition with contrast and rendered forms.

Week 5: Resolving Stage in Figure Drawing
In week five, Joseph will teach you how to put the final touches on your drawing for a beautiful finished look, that will translate well into a painting.

Week 6: Introduction to Figure Painting
After five weeks of studying the tonal approach to drawing, you will apply that knowledge in oil painting. In week six, Joseph will teach you the essentials of color theory and mixing, as well as introduce you to his color palette. You will learn how to mix the proper shadow, light, and transition value.

Week 7: Massing Values in Figure Painting
In week seven, you will learn how to resist the urge to add detail too early, and to trust in the process of posterization. You will practice adding transitional tones to core shadows, while keeping value and color relationships clearly defined.

Week 8: Structural Procedure in Figure Painting
In week eight, you will study the procedure of figure painting. It is the idea of taking your time to slow down and correct mistakes while painting. Besides, you will learn how to turn form using paint, and explore the simplicity of painting illusion.

Week 9: Developing Hierarchy in Figure Painting
In week nine, you will learn to establish hierarchy and render the focal point in your composition. Joseph will demonstrate how to select areas of importance, in which he will focus on developing contrast, saturation, texture, sharp edges, or resolve.

Week 10: Resolving Stage in Figure Painting
In the last week of this course, you will explore your composition in a more free and natural way. You will learn to keep your color, value, and designs as simple as possible, yet still be able to create a successful figure painting from start to finish.

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