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Network Concepts and Protocols | Pluralsight
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Listening to a data network engineer speak about the equipment, maintenance, and operation of a networked system can often feel like you are listening to a foreign language. Although data networking hardware is not remarkably different in operation to your desktop computer, its application and configuration requires the implementation of protocols to ensure data moves from one device to another device, quickly, and without error. In this course, Network Concepts and Protocols, you will learn how the most important protocols on the Internet, like IP, TCP, and HTTP work together to deliver a web page from a server on the Internet to your desktop’s web browser. First, you will explore to use the OSI model to organize protocols to better understand how they interact with each other. Next, you will learn the secrets of the IP address. Finally, you will discover the most important rules to help you understand if two devices can communicate or not. By the end of this course, you will be able to quickly examine network configuration on your workstation and clearly understand the different components.

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