MySQL from basic to advance : Level Up Masterclass 2022 | Udemy

MySQL from basic to advance : Level Up Masterclass 2022 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn SQL basics from scratch.
Understand SELECT clause never like before.
Create WHERE clause conditions for complex queries.
Group similar data using GROUP BY clause like master.
Filter the groups with HAVING clause while jagging.
Join the tables in simple manner for big data table which have lakhs of records.
Create the Subqueries confidently where you can rule your environment.

Course Description: This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the language of relational databases: Structured Query Language (SQL). Topics covered include: Entity-Relationship modeling, the Relational Model, the SQL language: data retrieval statements, data manipulation and data definition statements. All interactive reading problems involve the use of “live” SQL. Homework will be done using databases running in MySQL which students install on their machines. Students develop a real-world database project using MySQL during the course.

Prerequisites: This course is designed database developers or students who desire a basic to advance level of proficiency with the Structured Query Language (SQL). Prerequisite: Basic computer literacy including.

Justification: This course will provide a solid preparation in SQL in the Computer Science and Informatics majors who plan to take database or data science courses. A knowledge of this material is also an important skill for anyone planning to do software engineering and development. It is also a service course for students outside of the CS major who work with or plan to work with relational databases and data science such as students studying social science, business, biological and physical sciences, among others.

Course Objectives:

Learn structured query language (SQL) to an intermediate/advanced level.

Be able to write data retrieval queries and evaluate the result set.

Be able to write SQL statements that edit existing data.

Be able to write SQL statements that create database objects.

Understand the structure and design of relational databases.

Understand the importance and major issues of database security and the maintenance of data integrity.

Who this course is for:
Academic Students
Job Seekers
Database Developers.

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