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Modern Python Projects Course | Talkpython
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This course walks you through every step of a typical Python project – from building a good project structure, managing dependencies, adding tests, writing documentation, setting up continuous integration, and finally, deployment.

This course explains how to improve your code using various static analysis tools. It gives you the tools to install new packages or upgrade your Python version without breaking it. It shows you how to create popular types of Python projects like CLI application or Python package. It even helps you customize your VS Code editor for a better Python programming experience!

What topics are covered

This course covers everything you need to know to develop, run, and deploy complete web applications on top of FastAPI. Here are just a few of the topics:

VS Code + Python: The current and ever-growing Python code editor
Manage Python and packages in the real world
Create Python project with cookiecutter templates
Manage project dependencies with tools like pip, pip-tools, poetry, etc.
See what “good” Python code should look like
Test your Python code with pytest
Documenting your code with Sphinx
Perform automated checks on your code with continuous integration
How to create a CLI application that you can run in your terminal
Create a Python module / library that can be published to PyPI.
Make a standalone executable application that you can ship to someone without Python dependencies.
Deploying your application to the Heroku platform
Build a simple Docker image and deploy it to one of the popular frameworks.
And much more

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