MIT – Future Compute 2022

MIT – Future Compute 2022
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MIT Future Compute Conference
From the latest in edge, quantum, 5G, IoT, and AI to what’s emerging in silicon, spatial, the metaverse, and more, Future Compute is an executive summary of computing technology for IT and business leaders tasked with maximizing innovation and technology for success.


Tuesday, May 3
Find Your Edge
AI, Cloud, Edge, and Security are the pillars of information technology. Explore the developments in store for each and the opportunities that lie at their intersection.

Find Your Edge
Compete with compute. The technologies that power businesses are becoming smarter and faster than ever before. With the tools available to all, the winners will be the ones that best transform computing commodities into the essential apps of tomorrow.

The Intelligent Edge
In a world where milliseconds matter, examine the possibilities when processing is done at the point of data collection.

Smarter AI
The goal of smarter AI is to drive major innovations in computing. Discover the algorithms and data strategies that will put you ahead.

Protecting Your Data
The impact of security breaches requires a rethink down to the computing level. Get updated on the latest attack vectors and CISO strategies to protect your data.

Wednesday, May 4
Moore and More
Moore’s Law powered a generation of advancements in computing power. Glimpse the innovative technologies that will usher in the next generation.

Future Compute
What lies on the frontiers of computing? We’re asking the veterans on the front lines.

The Reality of the metaverse
The headlines are full of hype and promise. Cut through buzzwords to determine what, if any, opportunities exist in the digital universe.

More Power
Advances in chip materials, design, and manufacturing have powered Moore’s Law for the last 50 years. We explore breakthrough research into chip materials and design innovations that will power Moore’s law moving forward.

Quantum Timelines
Many believe quantum computing is on the brink of truly transformative commercial impact. Unpack the question on everyone’s mind: “But when?”

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