[Update Links] Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out – Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Management Training

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out – Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Management Training
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Microsoft in BUILD 2017 provided new information about its new version of its database management software, which features Linux support. Until now, SQL Server could only be installed on Windows . The Mac Server installs SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.0 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Ubuntu. There is also the possibility of using SQL 2017 through the Docker Engine on Linux and Mac so developers can run SQL Server on a separate operating system in an isolated environment.
In the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out tutorial , you will be familiar with the management of the 2017 SQL Server.

Course syllabus for training of SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out Microsoft:
1. Start with the tools Server SQL
2. Introduction to the database server component
3. Design and implement database infrastructure
4. Preparation of databases
5. SQL database Azure
6. Security and Licensing Management
7. Server Security and Data
8. Understanding and Designing Tables
9. Configuring SQL Server Performance
10. Understanding and Designing Indicators
11. Developing, deploying and managing Game Information
Abilities 12. Execute Availability Top and Disaster Recovery
13. Manage and Monitor SQL Server14. Office automation SQL Server

In this video, database analyst and trainer, Eric Johnson gives you the tools you need to manage SQL Server in your environment. You learn about the new features in SQL Server 2017, including running SQL Server on Linux. You also learn how to provision and secure Azure databases, design SQL Server tables, and tune and optimize SQL. The video wraps up by showing you how to manage data recovery and implement high-availability databases.

Throughout the video, Eric explains the concepts and methodologies for managing SQL Server databases and then puts techniques into practice with visual demonstrations. With Eric as your guide, follow his detailed steps and get hands-on practice to become a more experienced and more efficient database administrator.

Table of Contents:
1. Getting Started with SQL Server Tools
2. Introducing the database server components
3. Designing and implementing a database infrastructure
4. Provisioning databases
5. Provisioning Azure SQL Database
6. Administering security and permissions
7. Securing the server and its data
8. Understanding and designing tables
9. Performance tuning for SQL Server
10. Understanding and designing indexes
11. Data recovery, deploying and managing
12. Implementing high availability and disaster recovery
13. Managing and monitoring SQL Server14. Automating SQL Server administration

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