Microsoft Cybersecurity Pro Track: Security in Office 365 | Udemy

Microsoft Cybersecurity Pro Track: Security in Office 365 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Threats and data breaches targeting your data
Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (former named Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection)
Office 365 Threat Intelligence
Auditing, alerting and reporting in Office 365
Advanced Security Management in Office 365 (Cloud Application Security)

The threat landscape across the globe has changed dramatically over the past several years with hackers using more sophisticated methods to compromise users and networks alike. At the same time, more and more organizations are enjoying the benefits of cloud computing. But as companies move to the cloud, they are understandably concerned how Office 365 will protect their users and data from being compromised by cybercriminals.

In this course, we will examine the types of threats organizations must deal with daily and provide an overview of the solutions within Office 365 that help organizations detect, protect, and remediate these risks. These solutions include Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and Threat Intelligence, which provide protection against advanced targeted threats in email and Office documents and actionable insights into the global threat landscape, respectively. Solutions also include advanced auditing and alerts and features like Cloud Application Security, which enable security administrators to monitor and remediate risky behaviors and vulnerabilities in their tenant. And we will introduce you to the Secure Score tool, which can help organizations understand their security profile and what they can do to identify risks and vulnerabilities within their tenant.

This course is designed to get you started as quickly as possible. There are a variety of self-paced learning activities. You will get:

Video lectures on each topic explaining each concept thoroughly with examples (and Demonstrations where applicable)

Review questions (Final Exam) at the end of the course (quizz) to test your knowledge on the topics learned in the course

Hands-on Lab at the end of the course in which you will practice at your own pace. You will have a step by step instruction file available to complete the Lab tasks like: creating Safe Links and Safe Attachments policies, using the Secure Score and much more.

Final Exam at the end of the course – 20 questions to test your knowledge on the topics and concepts learned in the course

Links to official Microsoft resources/blogs/videos for further documentation.

This course is the fifth course from a series of 9 courses which address all aspects to become a Microsoft Cyber Security Professional . This cyber security track is designed to teach you, or fill in the knowledge gaps, all the aspects and technologies to become a successful cyber security professional. The entire track addresses mostly Microsoft security technologies, including the latest cloud services made available by Microsoft like: Azure ATP, Office 365 security features and services, Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, Azure Active Directory Security and many more. This is the third course from a series of 9 courses:

Enterprise Cyber Security Fundamentals (Introduction to Cybersecurity)

Threat Detection ( Detect security breaches early – explore the capabilities of Microsoft’s threat detection and mitigation tools – including hands on Lab)

Powershell Security ( Learn how to use Powershell to enhance security and remediate new threats. Learn how to implement and use Desired State Configuration (DSC), Just Enough Administration (JEA) and many more – including hands on Lab) – to be released

Manage Identity (Learn the industry’s best practices in regards to managing identity and especially privileged identities. This course takes a hands-on approach to identity management. You will create a bastion host, configure Privileged Access Management, set up Microsoft Identity Manager PAM, and more – including hands on Lab)

Office 365 Security ( Review the different types of threats that can target your organization and learn how to implement and manage Office 365 security features like Advanced Threat Protection, Threat Intelligence, and Advanced Security Management) – to be released

Securing Windows 10 Operating System ( Learn about the continually evolving security features of the Windows 10 operating system. Discover how to deploy its advanced capabilities – including hands on Lab) – to be released

Windows Server 2016 Security Features ( Windows Server 2016 provides layers of protection that help address both known and emerging threats. This course addresses how to implement and leverage all these security features. Learn how it actively contributes to securing your infrastructure so you can better safeguard against security breaches – including hands on Lab) – to be released

Microsoft Azure Security Features ( Learn Azure security best practices and understand the terminology, tools, and techniques for creating a highly secure, resilient cloud service. You will also learn about and use the additional security services offered in Azure and Intune) – to be released

Planning and Implementing a Security Incident Response (Learn to manage an enterprise security incident while avoiding common errors, increasing both the effectiveness and efficiency of your incident response efforts) – to be released

Microsoft, Windows, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. This course is not certified, accredited, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Microsoft Corporation.

Who this course is for:
Security Administrators, Security Analysts, System Administrator
Any IT enthusiast who wnts to get started in cyber security and be confortable with the Microsoft Security services and capabilities

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