Matt Garrett – Photoshop Masterclass

Matt Garrett - Photoshop Masterclass

Title: Matt Garrett – Photoshop Masterclass
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If like me you pay outsourcers for graphics then generally they do a great job, however, sometimes we need graphics fast & what we have in mind is not always what’s delivered – that leaves you with a choice of either using a sub standard graphic or waiting for a corrected version to arrive. In doing so we miss opportunities & sabotage our own success. If like myself you have already looked at other Photoshop courses then you’ll probably realise that most are about covering every Photoshop function created in detail & none focused on key functions from which you can build core knowledge – who has $300 spare & 7 full days spare to listen to some guy with a monotone voice drone on about “adaptive wide angles” …. really? I just wanted to know the day to day stuff that’s useful – the rest can be easily built upon.

I Now Make Graphics Faster Than It Takes To Write an Email…

One of the biggest boosts in sales for me personally came after I started managing my own graphics in house. This was only possible with fast class lessons from my graphics expert who taught me the essentials & a few useful tricks. While I still send bulk jobs to outsourcers, nowadays I do many graphics jobs myself as it’s quicker for me to make a graphic than to email an outsourcer.

Create/Edit Professional Headers, Ads, Visuals, & Retouch Photos in Minutes

This product is not about frying your brain with yet more useless knowledge. It’s about learning the foundation skills required to get the job done fast. By the time you have completed this course you’ll have the skills & tools required to make great graphics & the core design knowledge you can easily build upon.

Course 1 – Photoshop Essentials
Video 01 – File Types.mp4
Video 02 – Using Images.mp4
Video 03 – Image Cleaning.mp4
Video 04 – Colour Retouching.mp4
Video 05 – Creating Headers.mp4
Video 06 – Gradients-Layers Intro.mp4
Video 07 – Text & Paragraphs.mp4
Video 08 – Layer Styles.mp4
Video 09 – Shapes.mp4
Video 10 – Preset Styles.mp4
Video 11 – Advanced Gradients.mp4
Video 12 – Patterns.mp4
Video 13 – Brushes.mp4
Video 14 – Actions-Reflections.mp4
Video 15 – Organising Layers.mp4

Course 2 – Photoshop Masterclass
Video 16 – Workflow Actions.mp4
Video 17 – Essential Actions.mp4
Video 18 – Smart Objects.mp4
Video 19 – Clipping Masks.mp4
Video 20 – Resources.mp4
Video 21 – Graphics & HTML.mp4
Video 22 – Saving Presets.mp4

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