Mastering Secure Shell (SSH) | Udemy

Mastering Secure Shell (SSH) | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Gain in-depth knowledge to become a SSH power user.
Transferring files & directories using SSH
Port Forwarding/Tunneling
Generating and Using key-pair (Public & Private Keys)
Accessing GUI applications running on remote Linux Machine
SSH Installation
Securing and Hardening SSH Server

This course is specially designed to enhance and add value to Linux Admins and DevOps Engineers skill-set. The course starts with the basics and goes into the advanced concepts to become a PRO.


SSH History.

Basic SSH usage.

Running commands on a remote machine.

Running a local script on a remote machine.

Transferring files and folders to & from remote machines.

Understanding Public/Private Key concepts.

Generating Key-pair and using them for passwordless authentication.

OpenSSH Server installation & learn to Start, Stop, and Restart.

Port Forwarding/Tunneling.

X11 Forwarding.

SSH Configuration & Related files.

Securing OpenSSH

*** NEW *** Create a Linux Virtual Machine (EC2) in Amazon AWS & SSH into your own AWS Linux Machine.

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Who this course is for:
Linux & Windows Administrators
QA Engineers
Database Administrators
IT Managers

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