Mastering DNS on Windows Server 2016 | Udemy

Mastering DNS on Windows Server 2016 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
You will know what DNS is, and how it works.
You will Master the DNS Manager Console – The foundation of DNS server management.
You will Demonstrate proficiency by installing, configuring the DNS server role, mastering record types and queries.
You will Maximize your experience level by creating Zones, demonstrating Zone Replication and Zone Delegation, and installing DNS Security, and troubleshooting your DNS server.

This course will take you step by step from a novice to an advanced DNS administrator. You will start by learning the complete basics of what DNS is and how it works from a user’s perspective. Next you will learn how to use the DNS manager and the different resource record types used by DNS.

Next you will learn how to create a DNS server in a Windows Environment, before moving on to more advanced DNS topics like creating and understanding zones, zone delegation, active directory replication, recursive and iterative queries, DNSSEC (DNS Security), creating forwarders and conditional forwarders, using tools like NSlookup, ADSIEdit, Troubleshooting DNS and MUCH more!

Great News – I have just added 14 lectures to my DNS course! Checkout the DNS Update promo in the New Features Section for details.

As a bonus, I just added a PowerShell for DNS section. Here you will learn how to create DNS records all using Windows PowerShell.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to Administrate a Windows 2016 DNS Server
Anyone who wants to get a job or a better job in the IT field

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