Mastering AT&T Vyatta (vRouter) Firewall | Udemy

Mastering AT&T Vyatta (vRouter) Firewall | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
They will have hands on experience configuring a Vyatta Firewall

Students will learn to configure Vyatta Firewall by using examples. They will be taught on how to install a Virtualbox and enable networking on it. Later they will be showed how create virtual machines in the Virtualbox and then perform different tasks in the configuration of the firewall.

All the software is free to download and therefor there is no need to purchase any software. The CLI for Vyatta is very similar to any linux based operating system. So, it will be very useful to have some background on a Linux operating system, but it is not mandatory.

Students will learn how each of the feature of the Vyatta firewall functions in a networked environment and how you can restrict and allow traffic based on different criteria.

Students will be able to follow the flow of traffic from one network to another and then restrict or allow it by matching IP addresses, MAC addresses and other perimeters.

This course will provide a very good foundation from basics to almost intermediate level on how the firewall works and how to configure it.

Who this course is for:
Students who may have some background in Firewall and want to learn more

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