MasterClass – Will Wright – Game Design and Theory

MasterClass – Will Wright – Game Design and Theory
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Game design is a multidisciplinary creative process that directs the natural human inclination to play. For Will, the foundations of becoming a good game designer are:
• Become familiar with design thinking outside of games. If you are making a chair, there are many qualities you can choose to give your chair: comfort, portability, affordability. Similarly, there are many qualities you can give your game. Make deliberate decisions about which to explore and which to leave behind.
• Aim for a state of continuous learning. Will seeks design lessons from biology, cognitive science, even Japanese gardening. Draw inspiration from a variety of creative fields and academic disciplines, as well as playtesters, other games, conversations with your team, and your own mistakes. Strive to be a good listener, and remain open to the possibility of learning new things.
• Begin making games as soon as possible. Come up with an idea and play it immediately, no matter how unprepared you feel. It is no use cultivating some grand idea in your head which you eventually discover is too complex to execute. Instead, start creating simple games in your day-to-day life, test them with your friends, and begin to modify the gameplay based on your findings. This iterative process is used at the highest levels of the industry.

21 lectures – Plus detailed PDF Course Guides included.


01 The Fundamentals of Game Design

02 Generating Game Concepts

03 Early Prototyping

04 The Relationship Between Story and Games

05 Exploring Player Psychology

06 Design Player-Centered Experiences

07 Develop a Game Language

08 Designing a Visual Aesthetic

09 Game Mechanics

10 Game Demo – Morey

11 Iteration and Scoping

12 Prototyping Case Study – Proxi

13 Playtesting

14 Designing a Sound Aesthetic

15 Pitching Ideas

16 Game Demo – Flooded Market

17 Choosing and Understanding Your Platform

18 System Design

19 Leadership and Collaboration

20 The Future of Game Design

21 Final Thoughts

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