Master Spring Batch (based on Spring Boot) | Udemy

Master Spring Batch (based on Spring Boot) | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Spring Batch in complete Java configuration based on Spring Boot
Setting up a simple Spring Batch job
Developing a complete Spring Batch application
Data processing with Reader, Writer, Processor – Performance optimization through parallelization
Fault tolerance and error handling
Parameter Validation
Several ways to save states
Control flows
Evaluate jobs – How to develop the backend for a custom administration interface
The Spring Batch Data Model
Test Batch Jobs
How to simulate parts of a batch job with mock objects

Spring Batch is one of the many excellent tools from the Spring Framework. Unfortunately, it is rarely used. One reason may be that the learning curve at the beginning is a little steeper than with the usual Spring. As an example, a simple Hello World application will easily fill a screen page. But this first hurdle should not stop you from learning this framework. Once you have modeled your data processing with Spring Batch, you will have countless optimization possibilities at your disposal. Everyone who has ever dealt with serious batch processing will sooner or later encounter the problems that this framework has already solved. For me, the greatest problem of concern is state handling and error analysis. Proper maintenance is much more difficult than you might think at first. A long-running process, which executes all tasks one after the other might function well and has no problems. But when interruptions, repetitions, parallelism, or asynchronous calls are added, then the greatest effort of thought is required to build a stable solution. In cases where errors occur in live operation and need to be solved immediately, you would need a good tool to deliver corrections quickly.

For this course, I worked through the latest documentation and programmed several practical examples based on it. I will show you the individual features step by step in small unit tests, with which you can learn everything experimentally on your own. Using practical examples, you will learn how everything is connected. Everything I teach here is something that I implement in my day-to-day work. My colleagues and I have high standards for the quality of our work. I also try to incorporate this aspect into the structure of the source texts for this course, so that you can learn practical examples.

Who this course is for:
Software developers with professional experience who want to develop professional batch applications
Developers who are interested in performance optimization.

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