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Master Python Programming: The Complete Python Bootcamp 2020 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
You will MASTER all the Python 3 key concepts starting from Scratch. No prior Python knowledge is required.
For each Key Concept you’ll get a Hi-Quality Video, a Coding Section, an E-Book companion, a quiz, a practice exercise and slides.
Build a complete understanding of Python 3 from the ground. Write professional PYTHONIC code using best practices.
Learn to work with Python control flow structures: if, for, while, break, continue, pass, exceptions, try-except-else-finally blocks etc.
Master all the Python data structures: strings, lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries.
Learn to work efficiently with Text and CSV files (including using Pandas).
Master Network Automation using SSH, Paramiko, Netmiko, Telnet or Serial Connections.
Learn to work with Pip and Python Modules: Sys, Os, Subprocess, Shutil, Random, Decimal.
Learn how to send Emails with Python (SMTPLIB)
Acquire an In-Depth Understanding of how to use Multithreading and Multiprocessing in Python.
Acquire a good Understanding of Async IO and how to build Asynchronous Applications in Python
Learn to use HTTP Requests Library and BeautifulSoup and create an automated web scraping application.
Learn to work with SQL Databases in Python.
Learn to efficiently work with Excel Files and automate spreadsheet-related tasks.
Learn to Analyse Data with Pandas.
Learn to Create Interactive Charts with Plotly
Acquire the prerequisite Python Skills to move into specific branches: AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Network Automation, Web.
Acquire an In-Depth Understanding of Decorators, Inner Functions and Closures.

***Fully updated for 2020*** This Python course covers every major Python topic, including Object-Oriented Programming, Decorators, Working with Excel, Working with Databases, Web Scraping, Data Science with Pandas, Data Visualization with Plotly, Network Automation and many more!

The topics covered in this Complete Python Programming Bootcamp are:

Installing Python 3 on Windows, Mac and Linux

Running Python code at console, IDLE or PyCharm

Variables, Constants and Comments in Python

Math, Comparison, Identity and Logical Operators

Built-in Types, Dynamically vs. Statically Typed Languages

Strings in Python

Lists in Python

Tuples in Python

Sets and Frozensets in Python

Dictionaries in Python

List, Set and Dictionary Comprehension

Flow Control

User-defined Functions

Inner Functions and Closures


Working with Text Files in Python

Error and Exception Handling

Object Oriented Programming: Classes and Objects

Working with Python Modules. Installing modules using pip

Very Useful Python Built-in Modules: Sys, Os, Shutil, Random, Decimal, Subprocess etc

Learn how to send Emails with Python (SMTPLIB)

Working with CSV Files in Python

Working with Excel Files in Python

Working with SQL Databases in Python

Requests and Web Scraping with Python

Installing and Using Jupyter Notebook

Data Analysis with Pandas

Pandas Series, Pandas DataFrames, Filtering Pandas Data

Interactive Plotly Charts: Scatter Plots, Line Charts, Bar Charts, Pie Charts and Histograms

Parallel Programming In Depth: Multithreading and Multiprocessing in Python

Async IO in Python (asyncio, async/await, aiohttp, aiofiles, asyncssh)

Network Automation with Python (Telnet, SSH, Paramiko, Netmiko)

Course Bonuses

Every topic includes many live examples in Python, a complete E-Book companion, a coding section, tens of quizzes, slides and practice tests.

At the end of this Python Course, you’ll also have acquired the prerequisite Python skills to move into specific branches: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Data Science, Network Automation or Web Development using frameworks like Django, Flask or Pyramid.

If you want to take ONE COURSE to master Python Programming you should choose this one and you’ll have no regrets!

Who this course is for:
Beginners with no previous programming experience.
Programmers switching languages to Python.
Programmers who know Python basics and want to master Python.
This course should not be attended by senior Python developers.

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