Master English Grammar 2022 ( ALL GRAMMAR RULES ) | Udemy

Master English Grammar 2022 ( ALL GRAMMAR RULES ) | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
English grammar rules from the beginning to the advanced levels in details( From A to Z ) to help you to speak fluently and write accurately.
All tenses with all related linkers and derivatives.
How to form passive and causative sentences.
How to form affirmative, negative, question and imperative.
How to form simple, compound and complex sentences.
Conditional if cases / Wish , If only ……. in details.
Reported Speech (Direct & Indirect) , ……. in details.
More & more grammatical rules that help you in your academic study and daily life

This course ” Master English Grammar ( ALL GRAMMAR RULES )” consists of;

*Auxiliary verbs :

-Verb to be / Verb to do / Verb to have


-All types of pronouns

*Types of sentences :

-Simple statement / Question / Negative / Order

*The 12 English tenses with detailed description: (present, past and future tenses )

-The usage and form of each tense reinforced with detailed examples about each single point.

-All linkers related to the tenses with the exception rules.

-Clarifying sentences to learn and understand each tense well.

-A quiz after each tense to support your understanding and usage to the grammar rules.

-A pdf practice sheet after each tense to be well trained after studying this tense.

-A model answer sheet to give yourself a score and evaluate your progress.

-A pdf sheet about regular and irregular verbs.

-A comparison between some tenses during explaining some rules.


-Usage and form in all tenses


-Active and passive causative with have & get


-A / an / the

*Countable and uncountable nouns:

-Much / many / a lot of / few / a few / little / a little / some / any

*Question tags:

-Basics and exceptions

*Conditional If:

-Conditional if zero / if one / if two / if three / mixed if / alternative words (as long as, suppose, provided ……)

-Unless / without / but for

*Wish / If only / as / as though / it’s time / it’s high time / would rather:

*Relative clauses:

-Who / which / that / whose / where / when

*Reported speech:

-All types

*So / such / too / enough

*Contradiction Linkers:

-But / although / though / even though / despite (this) / in spite of (this)

-Despite the fact / in spite of the fact (that)

-However / whatever

-Nevertheless / yet / as


-Short & Long adjectives

-Comparison ( Equal, Comparative & Superlative degrees )


-All / all of

-Both / both of

-Either / either of

-Neither / neither of

-Half / half of

-Each / each of


*Modal verbs:

-Can / could / shall / should / will / would / must / have to / has to / had to / may / might / need to / ought to

-Modal verbs ( deduction / necessity / lack of necessity / prohibition / advice )

-Modal verbs ( present simple / past simple / present con. / past con. )

This course addresses all learners and teachers who have a potential desire to acquire easily and professionally all English grammar basic rules starting from the beginning to the advanced level. When you have self confidence that you are aware and can use the grammar rules smoothly in your study or daily life, you will deal with others in English like a native person who speaks fluently and writes accurately.

Who this course is for:
All English learners and teachers.

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