Managing in Difficult Times | Jan Rutherford | LYNDA

Managing in Difficult Times | Jan Rutherford | LYNDA
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Tough times separate great leaders from the rest. What do leaders do to manage effectively in difficult times? It’s as much about what they do to prepare as it is about how they react. Jan Rutherford introduces to important tools for keeping you and your team focused, inspired, and effective during times of change or crisis. Learn how to build self-awareness, achieve clarity and focus, keep innovating despite volatility, and develop a committed team that is resilient in the face of change. He also shares innovative strategies to cut costs, and reframe challenges as opportunities for your team.

Topics include:

Building self-awareness
Staying focused
Adopting a growth mindset
Developing a committed team
Teaming instead of leading
Reducing costs
Turning adversity into opportunity

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