Making dessert in houdini – 1

Making dessert in houdini – 1
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This training is an update to the Tea and Cookies training. The training covers fairly similar topics such as modeling, shading, lighting and rendering. The primary difference is that instead of Mantra the training focuses on using the third party render engines namely, Redshift, Octane and Arnold.
Part 1 of the training will cover modeling and building the entire scene. This will be done using a variety of methods including the basic poly modeling tools, VDB, fluid simulation, POP grains and also some basic copy stamping.
Part 2 is available in two variants, for now, Redshift and Octane. This part will focus on lighting ans rendering the scene. However the primary focus is on building all the various shaders required for the scene. We’ll build a majority of the shaders using procedural textures. The training will also cover SSS, displacement and building fluid shaders using absorption. We will also build relatively detailed metal and plastic shaders.

lesson plan

modeling the plate
modeling the spoon
making the raspberry 1 – building the raspberry
making the raspberry 2 – making the raspberry strands
modeling the cake 1 – using basic poly tools to model the basic cake
modeling the cake 2 – adding additional details to the cake model using VDB
1 making the ice cream using VDB tools
2 modeling the sauce on top of the cake
3 making the chocolate lava using a fluid sim
4 adding sprinkles on top of the ice ceam
5 adding sprinkles in the spoon using POP grains
6 adding crumbs on the cake
7 final scene layout

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