MacSparky – Keyboard Maestro Field Guide

MacSparky – Keyboard Maestro Field Guide
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Best of all, anyone can do it. Keyboard Maestro does not rely on scripting languages but instead a common-sense approach to triggers and actions. For instance:

1. Trigger: You plug your scanner into your Mac.
2. Action: Your Mac hides any apps that are currently open and opens your scanner application and the Finder to manage all of the scans you are about to make.

It is that easy. You can do the above and so much more without a lick of programming. Indeed, the above workflow is one of the featured videos in this course.
With Keyboard Maestro, you can automate just about anything. In addition to teaching you all of the mechanics of Keyboard Maestro, this course includes a number of walkthroughs of automation workflows you can use, download, or alter to automate your own Mac. A few examples include:

• Have your Mac log out of social media, turn down the volume, and open your productivity apps as soon as you log into your local coffee joint’s Wi-Fi.
• Create custom app setups for different work modes such as email, writing, and planning, just to name a few. Then trigger them with a simple keyboard combination.
• Set Twitter to automatically hide itself after a few minutes so you can get back to work.
• Add automation to the startup and shutdown of your Mac. Want certain apps to open when you get started? Keyboard Maestro can do that.
• Automate meeting notes.
• Create Pages and Word document templates that ask you a few questions, and then generate multiple documents.

There are 76 lovingly crafted screencasts totaling over 4 hours of content. Each tutorial includes a full transcript and closed captioning. Where appropriate, the tutorials also include downloadable Keyboard Maestro scripts that you can install and run alongside the video.

Version 1.1 Update Notes – February 2020
This new version includes ten new videos covering all the significant new features in Keyboard Maestro, version 9. New videos include a full explanation of the Elgato Stream Deck and how to use it with Keyboard Maestro, support for the Catalina Music app, automating optical character recognition, working with multiple editor windows, combining items on the clipboard, dark mode and additional palette themes, how to tag multiple files automatically, and how build your own Pomodoro Timer. My favorite is one that lets you apply multiple tags via Keyboard Maestro script. All videos part of this update have a (1.1) in their name.

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