Machine Learning for Red Team Hackers | Udemy

Machine Learning for Red Team Hackers | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn how to make your fuzzing intelligent using AI
Learn how to evade machine learning malware classifiers
Learn how to perform adversarial attacks on machine learning
Learn how to break CAPTCHAs using machine learning
Learn how to create Deepfakes
Learn how to backdoor, poison and steal ML models

Everyone knows that AI and machine learning are the future of penetration testing. Large cybersecurity enterprises talk about hackers automating and smartening their tools; The newspapers report on cybercriminals utilizing voice transfer technology to impersonate CEOs; The media warns us about the implications of DeepFakes in politics and beyond…

This course finally teaches you how to do and defend against all these things.

This course will be teaching you, in a hands-on and practical manner, how to use the Machine Learning to perform penetration testing attacks, and how to perform penetration testing attacks ON Machine Learning systems.

You will learn

how to supercharge your vulnerability fuzzing using Machine Learning.

how to evade Machine Learning malware classifiers.

how to perform adversarial attacks on commercially-available Machine Learning as a Service models.

how to bypass CAPTCHAs using Machine Learning.

how to create Deepfakes.

how to poison, backdoor and steal Machine Learning models.

Who this course is for:
Cybersecurity professionals and hobbyists looking to learn the next-generation of attack techniques
Data Scientists interested in learning use-cases of machine learning in cybersecurity

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