Lynda – VFX Techniques: Creating a CG Flag with Nuke X and CINEMA 4D

Lynda - VFX Techniques: Creating a CG Flag with Nuke X and CINEMA 4D

Title: Lynda – VFX Techniques: Creating a CG Flag with Nuke X and CINEMA 4D
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Visual effects (VFX) don’t necessarily need to involve explosions, magic, or giant robots. In fact, VFX can be as simple as a flag unfurling. CINEMA 4D and Nuke are a great combination for creating this type of shot. CINEMA 4D has fantastic rigid body and cloth systems, while Nuke, the industry’s leading compositing tool, makes tracking and compositing a breeze. In this course, Craig Whitaker will guide you through the entire post-production process for creating a computer-generated flag—from creating a mock-up from reference material and tracking the camera movement to constructing the flag using CINEMA 4D’s cloth simulation tools and compositing it back into the scene with Nuke. Each step of the process is rich with lessons applicable to similar situations CG and compositing artists will face in the real world.

Topics include:
* Collecting reference materials
* Planning and blocking out the shot
* Analyzing and tracking the footage
* Solving the tracked shot and setting up the environment
* Creating and adjusting the cloth simulation
* Texturing the flag
* Rendering passes from 3D
* Color grading, adding grain, and working with lens distortion

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