Lynda – User Experience Fundamentals for Web Design

Lynda - User Experience Fundamentals for Web Design
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Discover how to create a user experience that embodies utility, ease of use, and efficiency by identifying what people want from websites, how they search for information, and how to structure your content to take advantage of this. In this course, author Chris Nodder shows how to merge engineering, marketing, graphical and industrial design, and interface design to create a website that meets the needs of your customer, and is simple, elegant, and engaging. The course shows how to use graphics to help rather than hinder visitors, balance advertising and content, and integrate video, audio, and other media. Other tutorials consider the landing page experience and elements like contact forms from the visitor’s perspective.

Introduction1m 7s
Welcome 1m 7s
1. What Makes a Good Web User Experience?4m 37s
Building a site for your visitors 1m 29s
Understanding how people browse the web 45s
It’s all about information 48s
What causes people to leave sites? 1m 35s
2. Don’t Get In the Way of the Information3m 50s
Simple design 1m 9s
Consistent design 1m 11s
Standard design 1m 30s
3. Navigation20m 55s
Elements of navigation 1m 21s
Content has a structure 2m 18s
Understanding menus 3m 19s
Reviewing some menu myths 2m 4s
Working with site maps 1m 5s
Adding search to your site 2m 53s
Understanding links 3m 43s
Exploring clickable elements 1m 18s
Understanding Fitts’s Law 2m 54s
4. Site Layout11m 19s
People can begin from any page on your site 1m 24s
Elements every web page should have 3m 25s
Creating progressive navigation 3m 22s
Arranging your content 3m 8s
5. Writing for the Web8m 7s
How people read on the web 2m 31s
Writing for information exchange 1m 43s
Formatting pages for information exchange 3m 53s
6. Homepage7m 21s
Using your homepage as a site summary 1m 50s
Creating fresh content 1m 20s
Displaying navigation and search 1m 25s
The five-second test 2m 46s
7. Category and Landing Pages8m 8s
Showing people what you’ve got 3m 50s
Making comparisons easy 1m 24s
Creating landing pages from ad campaigns 2m 54s
8. Detail and Product Pages11m 22s
The real purpose of detail and product pages 1m 16s
Writing descriptive text 2m 4s
Using images to set context 2m 17s
Showing the price for products 2m 27s
Have a call to action 1m 36s
About Us: a special detail page 1m 42s
9. Forms10m 58s
Ask for information in context 2m 25s
Making forms as painless as possible 2m 34s
Creating form fields 3m 37s
Handling errors gracefully 2m 22s
10. Using Media to Help Tell Your Story9m 9s
Using different types of media 1m 55s
Simple question: Does it enhance the experience? 2m 15s
Using graphics for explanation, not decoration 1m 17s
What is interactive content? 1m 58s
Laying out your page for media 1m 44s
11. Balancing Adverts and Content5m 3s
Making money without selling out 1m 37s
Adding graphical ads 2m 10s
Creating text ads 1m 16s
12. Summary: Good Design Practice3m 42s
Simple, consistent, and standard design 2m 4s
Consider your users and you’ll be fine 1m 38s
Conclusion1m 31s
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