Lynda – Meetings

Lynda – Meetings
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Depending on how it is run, a meeting can stall productivity or foster the creation of imaginative solutions. In this course, learn how to make your meetings count. Follow Chris Croft as he provides a practical, step-by-step guide to setting up and facilitating meetings, diving into a variety of topics ranging from choosing your meeting format-online or in-person-to using visual aids. He also explains how to grapple with common meeting problems, such as dealing with latecomers and managing conflicts, and helps you create ground rules to prevent problems from occurring. Chris wraps up the course by addressing the specifics of virtual meetings. As remote work continues to become more common, learn how to get the most out of the technology at your disposal and encourage full participation when all of your attendees aren’t in the same room.

Topics include:
• Setting up meetings
• Determining who needs to attend a meeting
• Choosing your meeting duration
• Providing reminders for successful meetings
• Facilitating a successful meeting
• Getting the best out of people
• Dealing with latecomers and common meeting problems
• Deciding if you should go to a meeting
• Making your voice heard
• Managing remote or virtual meetings

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