Lynda – Leadership Blind Spots

Lynda – Leadership Blind Spots
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Have you found yourself mired in a career rut, even though you’ve worked tirelessly to position yourself as a leader? If so, there may be factors that you’re unaware of that are holding you back from being seen as leadership material. In this course, learn how to identify the hidden roadblocks-or blind spots-that are holding you back, and manage them in order to accelerate your career growth.

Instructor Sara Canaday dives into the nuances of blind spots, explaining why blind spots matter when it comes to career success, and which intangible skills can help you find and eliminate these roadblocks. Sara also covers ways to find and close the gaps between your perception of yourself and your reputation. She explores specific examples of leadership blind spots commonly seen in the business world and provides steps that you can take to mitigate your perception problems.

Topics include:
• Understanding blind spots
• Gaining insights about awareness skills
• Identifying and managing blind spots
• Getting clarity on how you see yourself
• Finding out how others see you
• Closing the gaps between your perception and your reputation
• Exploring specific examples of leadership blind spots
• Taking action to deal with your blind spots

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