Lynda – Fusion 360 3D Printed Product Enclosure

Lynda – Fusion 360: 3D Printed Product Enclosure
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Learn how to design product enclosures using Autodesk Fusion 360. This course takes you through a project involving an enclosure of an electronic device so you can follow along and practice modelling. First, setup steps are covered, including tips related to designing for additive manufacturing, obtaining product measurements, and securing connections. Then, see how to insert various parts into an enclosure and position the variety of components. Next, find out how to model the base of an enclose, modify the constraints, and model a cover. Finally, discover how to check the fit of the model and prepare it for 3D printing.

Topics include:

Changing Fusion 360 settings
Inserting parts into a current design
Modifying a linked component
Moving, aligning, and positioning components
Designing a housing
Modeling circuit playground platforms
Checking the fit for 3D printing
Preparing for 3D printing
Modifying constraints
Designing a cover and a shell
Adding cutouts
Finishing the assembly

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