Lynda – Flickr Essential Training

Lynda - Flickr Essential Training
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With its multifaceted organizational and editing tools, Flickr takes sharing photo collections online to a new level of ease and creativity. In Flickr Essential Training, professional photographer Derrick Story goes step by step through the online interface and the functions so anyone can upload, edit, and set captions for their photos. Derrick also demonstrates how to set up collections to make photos easier to find.
Software works on: Mac and Windows.


Welcome 1:07 13.2 MB

1. Getting Started

What is Flickr? 1:22 2.0 MB
Understanding the different types of accounts 2:38 4.0 MB
Setting up personal information for your account and profile 5:11 7.1 MB
Setting up privacy and permissions 9:19 15.9 MB
Selecting email settings 1:05 1.4 MB
Extending Flickr 1:19 1.8 MB
Overview of the home page 3:42 6.2 MB
Using the top navigation bar 4:03 5.9 MB

2. Uploading Images

Uploading photos the simple way 5:23 9.0 MB
Using the basic uploader link 0:00 0.0 MB
Using the Flickr Uploadr desktop utility 5:12 9.6 MB
Working with the Uploadr and iPhoto 6:50 13.6 MB

3. Working with Images

Setting titles, descriptions, tags, and notes 4:18 6.1 MB
Viewing all sizes and deleting 2:58 5.4 MB
Using Autofix, Rotate, Crop, and Resize in Picnik 4:54 9.3 MB
Working with Exposure, Colors, Sharpening, and Red-Eye in Picnik 6:55 13.2 MB
Using effects and adding text 5:21 12.2 MB
Changing permissions 1:04 1.7 MB
Changing the copyright 1:37 2.8 MB
Adding a comment and formatting it 4:02 7.3 MB
Uploading an image to your blog 4:52 7.4 MB
Using the Share This link 3:14 4.9 MB
Using the Map link 5:23 13.0 MB

4. Your Photostream

Customizing the appearance of your Photostream 3:38 8.2 MB
Building a set 4:14 12.9 MB
Adding images to an existing set 3:08 9.1 MB
Creating a collection 3:38 6.7 MB
Viewing your archives 4:20 6.7 MB
Viewing your map 1:41 3.5 MB
Identifying your favorites 1:26 2.7 MB
Reviewing your recent activity 2:46 4.4 MB
Managing Flickr Mail 1:52 2.5 MB

5. Organizing Images

Adding tags to your photos 7:27 15.1 MB
Searching with tags and improving visibility 3:42 6.7 MB
Batch organizing 3:42 6.9 MB
Organizing sets and collections 4:27 10.3 MB
Using your map views 4:07 12.6 MB

6. Contacts

Searching for and connecting with existing members 3:19 5.8 MB
Knowing when someone adds you as a contact 1:39 2.1 MB
Inviting non-Flickr members 2:22 4.2 MB
Guest passes 2:30 4.2 MB
Using your contact list 2:37 3.9 MB
Adding comments to other people’s photos 2:42 6.9 MB

7. Groups

Introducing Flickr groups 4:49 10.0 MB
Searching for and joining a group 2:30 4.7 MB
Sending an image to a group 1:53 4.9 MB
Starting and administering your own group 6:26 10.5 MB

8. Exploring

Exploring the Explore page 4:28 10.1 MB
Looking at video and analog photography 3:40 7.9 MB
Investigating the Flickr clock 2:24 11.0 MB
Charting the Flickr map 4:16 8.9 MB
Discovering via the Places project 2:43 8.5 MB
Perusing the Commons and the Creative Commons 6:03 18.4 MB
Reading the Flickr Blog and 2:55 5.6 MB
Exploring the Camera Finder 4:08 9.1 MB
Understanding the difference between text and tag searching 3:15 4.9 MB
Using Google to search inside Flickr 2:01 3.1 MB

9. Mobile Flickr

Uploading from a camera phone using email 7:01 13.6 MB
Managing your Flickr account from a mobile device using 3:26 5.0 MB
Uploading from BlackBerry and Nokia phones 1:51 3.5 MB
Uploading to Flickr directly from your camera 2:10 3.4 MB

10. Power Techniques

Printing your Flickr images 6:45 13.4 MB
Exploring third-party applications 3:52 12.7 MB
Uploading and displaying video to Flickr 7:32 12.9 MB
Setting up a Flickr workflow to use while traveling 5:37 9.1 MB
Seeing your site as the world sees it 1:34 4.1 MB


Goodbye 0:54 1.4 MB

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