Lynda – Cybersecurity Awareness – Identifying Personally Identifiable Information

Lynda – Cybersecurity Awareness – Identifying Personally Identifiable Information
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As we use our computers to play games, pay for goods and services, and apply for jobs, our online identity is constructed from bits of information that we may or may not be conscious of revealing or sharing. This course discusses different information sources about who we are, what we do, where we are, and with whom we are associated-and how we can protect that information from misuse or corruption. Instructor Jennifer Kurtz explains how personally identifiable information (PII) is formed, and how it is valued and used in the marketplace by legitimate and criminal actors. She also covers the formal and informal capture of PII; goes into the legal and regulatory properties of PII; dives into breach case studies in the medical, financial, educational, government, and commercial sectors; and offers PII protection practices for both individuals and organizations.

Topics include:
• What is PII?
• Formal and informal capture
• Why is PII protected?
• Legal and regulatory influences
• High-profile PII breach cases: Medical, financial, and educational
• Global differences in PII use
• Protecting PII as an individual
• Best practices for organizations to protect PII

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