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Node.js is a powerful tool for controlling servers, building web applications, and creating event-driven programs. And it takes javascript-a language familiar to all web developers-out of the browser. With Node.js, you can build applications that run on your laptop or even the cloud. Learn the essentials of Node.js and start creating your own javascript applications in this introductory training course.

Alex Banks shows how to install Node.js on a Mac or PC and work with the Node.js core: the global object, event loop, http module, and file system. Then he covers reading and writing data, streaming data, making http requests, and working with the node package manager (npm). In the final chapters, he shows how to start sessions on web servers, communicate with web servers and clients with WebSockets, use the Express framework to develop applications, and test and debug Node.js code. Want to speed up your Node.js workflow? Check out the tutorials on automating tasks with Grunt and npm scripts.

Topics include:
What is Node.js?
Installing Node.js
Understanding the global object and global timing
Importing the core modules
Handling events
Creating child processes
Reading, writing, and removing files
Working with file streams
Making http requests
Serving files and JSON data
Installing npm, the node package manager
Working with Express, the web server framework
Using WebSockets
Testing and debugging Node.js code
Working with Grunt and Browserify
Automating tasks with npm scripts

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