Lynda – Cert Prep Unity Particle Systems, AI, and Audio

Lynda – Cert Prep: Unity Particle Systems, AI, and Audio
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Become a Unity Certified Developer and show employers you have the Unity skills they’re looking for. Validate your knowledge of foundational game design and programming skills in Unity and earn a professional credential to help communicate your abilities to employers. Improve your chances of landing that dream job doing what you love most-making games.

This course is part of our Unity cert prep series, focusing on exam objectives related to particle systems, artificial intelligence (AI), navigation and pathfinding systems, and audio. Instructor Alan Thorn teaches you how to control particle emitters, including particle life and size. He explains how to use navigation meshes to control obstacle avoidance, create compelling NPCs by setting up and triggering animation states, and add music and sounds effects to your 2D and 3D games.

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Topics include:

Shaping and controlling particle emitters
Adjusting particle life and size
Moving objects
Working with navigation meshes
Starting and completing idle states
Starting chase and attack states
Adding music and 2D and 3D sound

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