Lynda – Building and Monetizing Game Apps for Android

Lynda - Building and Monetizing Game Apps for Android
[box style=”info”]Title: Lynda – Building and Monetizing Game Apps for Android
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Discover how to build an Android game and distribute it in the Google Play app store, using Cocos2d-x and the Eclipse Platform. Plus, author Todd Perkins shows how to monetize your game further with income from Google Mobile ads. The course demonstrates how to install and set up your coding environment; build the game’s core scenes, layers, and sprites; handle touch and accelerometer data; create classes based on a detailed game flow chart; and manage misses, wins, and scores. Last, you’ll prepare your game to support Google ads and in-app purchases.

Topics Include:
* Installing and downloading Cocos2d-x
* Positioning sprites and adjusting their properties
* Creating simple frame animations
* Designing for multiple screen sizes
* Adding buttons
* Incorporating audio
* Creating the core classes and constants
* Adding the game layers and background
* Displaying challenges at timed intervals
* Displaying the player’s score
* Enabling a pause feature
* Enabling ads and in-game purchases for Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for Android

Introduction 5m 1s
Welcome 59s
Using the exercise files 2m 36s
What you should know before starting this course 25s
Viewing the finished game 1m 1s

1. Installing Cocos2d-x 19m 49s
Understanding and downloading Cocos2d-x 2m 16s
Downloading the Android NDK 1m 49s
Creating a Cocos2d-x project template for Eclipse 4m 51s
Finishing the project template 1m 4s
Preparing Eclipse to use C++ 1m 9s
Importing the project into Eclipse 3m 48s
Adding GLES 2.0 support to your emulator 3m 45s
Fixing additional compiler issues 1m 7s

2. An Introduction to Cocos2d-x 52m 7s
Understanding scenes, layers, and sprites 2m 16s
Using scenes, layers, and sprites 3m 58s
Positioning sprites 1m 4s
Adjusting basic sprite properties 5m 32s
Handling touches 3m 54s
Accessing accelerometer data 6m 7s
Understanding Cocos2d actions 2m 37s
Working with sprite sheets 4m 28s
Creating simple frame animations 3m 44s
Setting a game to display in portrait mode 54s
Designing for multiple screens 3m 20s
Running Java code from C++ 5m 21s
Running C++ code from Java 3m 31s
Using buttons 3m 34s
Playing audio 1m 47s

3. Creating the Core Classes 17m 0s
Viewing a flowchart of the game’s core classes 1m 25s
Creating constants and editing the AppDelegate and Main classes 4m 8s
Building the GameButton class 3m 38s
Constructing the custom pop-up menu utility 2m 52s
Setting up the code in the MainMenu class 2m 10s
Making the Utils class 2m 47s

4. Building the Basic Mole-Whacking Game 53m 13s
Adding the game layers and the background 5m 41s
Laying out moles in the Game class 4m 45s
Animating the moles 5m 44s
Displaying moles at a specified time interval 4m 39s
Handling touches in the game 4m 11s
Displaying the player’s score 4m 2s
Handling misses 6m 27s
Controlling the number of moles on the screen 2m 25s
Adding sound 2m 31s
Enabling a pause feature 5m 36s
Displaying the game-over screen 3m 13s
Saving the player’s high score 3m 59s

5. Placing Ads in Your Game 6m 53s
Preparing your game to support Google ads 3m 14s
Implementing Google ads in your game 3m 39s

6. Adding In-App Purchases 18m 9s
Handling skins in your game code 4m 55s
Setting up in-app purchases (IAP) for an Amazon Appstore app 3m 1s
Implementing Amazon IAP code 4m 11s
Setting up IAP for Google Play 2m 38s
Implementing Google Play IAP code 3m 24s

7. Going Forward and Getting Help 2m 56s
Using the Cocos2d-x website 1m 13s
Viewing additional Android game development resources 1m 43s

Conclusion 29s
Goodbye 29s

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