Lynda – 2D Animation Animal Walk Cycles

Lynda – 2D Animation: Animal Walk Cycles
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Capturing the movements of a horse, dog, or other such creature in 2D animation requires an understanding of certain principles and techniques. In this course, Dermot O’Connor explains how to animate four-legged animals as they walk, trot, and run. Dermot compares the anatomy of animals and humans, showing the analogous parts. He also demonstrates the basics of a quadruped walk, explaining how to create the leg positions for the front and the back, as well as how to offset them to create a realistic walk. Plus, learn how to add individual quirks to a run and create cartoony run cycles.

Topics include:

Reviewing the basic walk poses
Reviewing Muybridge’s photos and the videos derived from them
Understanding the basics of a quadruped walk
Offsetting the legs to create a convincing gallop
Animating a horse walking and trotting
Adding personality or individual quirks to a run

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