Lord Peter Wimsey Series by Dorothy L Sayers

Lord Peter Wimsey Series by Dorothy L Sayers
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All are unabridged and from CD’s (except #10 which is from cassettes). All were patiently collected and ripped by peterg23.
All are recorded at 64 kbps / 44 kHz Mono CBR Fraunhofer MP3 and are narrated by Ian Carmichael except for #7 which is read by Patrick Malahide.
No CD version of #10 Murder Must Advertise could ever be found – so far anyway.

This unique and wonderful series (read by the late great Ian Carmichael) was the first thing I posted (mostly cassette versions) when I joined ******** back in April 2008, here is the complete set ~ all 15 titles from CD (nearly).
This superb set read by Ian Carmichael is my all time favourite Golden Age of Detection series. – Peterg23.

#1. Whose Body [1923], 5 hours 35 mins
Dorothy L. Sayers’ first Lord Peter Wimsey tale introduces many of the author’s best-known characters. Wimsey’s mother, the Dowager Duchess of Denver, rings her son with news of ‘such a quaint thing’. She has heard through a friend that Mr Thipps, a respectable Battersea architect, found a dead man in his bath – wearing nothing but a gold prince-nez. Lord Wimsey makes his way straight over to Mr Thipps, and a good look at the body raises a number of interesting questions. Why would such an apparantly well-groomed man have filthy black toenails, flea bites and the scent of carbolic soap lingering on his corpse? Then comes the disappearance of oil millionaire Sir Reuben Levy, last seen on the Battersea Park Road. With his beard shaved he would look very similar to the man found in the bath – but is Sir Levy really dead?

#2. Clouds of Witness [1926], 8 hours 12 mins
In this classic mystery, murder strikes close to home. Lord Peter is on vacation in Corsica when he hears that a dead body has been found at the Wimsey family retreat, and that Lord Peter’s brother, the Duke of Denver, is being held for the crime. The dead man? Their sister’s fiance. Lord Peter must clear his brother’s name to avoid the death penalty. There is overwhelming circumstantial evidence against the Duke, but Lord Peter firmly believes that his brother is innocent and begins his own investigation into the murder. Can Lord Peter find the truth in time to save his brother and the family name?

#3. Unnatural Death [1927], 7 hours 50 mins
The post-mortem on Agatha Dawson concludes that there was ‘No sign of foul play’, and the case is closed. But, Lord Peter Wimsey is not satisfied and, with no clues to work on, begins his own investigation. No clues, that is, until the sudden and senseless murder of Agatha’s maid. Then the most debonair sleuth in detective fiction is faced with the problem of catching a desperate murderer before he himself becomes one of the victims…and of discovering what goes on in the mysterious Mrs Forrest’s Mayfair flat.

#4. Lord Peter Views the Body [1928] , 9 hours 17 mins
A collection of nine of the early adventures of Lord Peter Wimsey. (Although this audiobook is marketed as “unabridged,” there are only nine mysteries presented here; the complete print version contains 12. One of the missing tales concerns the visual clues involved in a complex crossword puzzle, so it is not hard to understand why that one has been deleted.)

#5. The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club [1928], 7 hours 3 mins
90-year-old General Fendman was definitely dead, but no one knew exactly when he had died – and the time of death was the determining factor in a half-million-pound inheritance. Lord Peter Wimsey would need every bit of his amazing skills to unravel the mysteries of why the General’s lapel was without a red poppy on Armistice Day, how the club’s telephone was fixed without a repairman, and, most puzzling of all, why the great man’s knee swung freely when the rest of him was stiff with rigor mortis.

#6. Strong Poison [1930], 7 hours 36 mins
Lord Peter Wimsey becomes fascinated when bohemian Harriet Vane is accused of murdering her lover. He investigates further and finds himself falling in love with her as he visits her in prison and watches her in court. But can he save her from the gallows?

#7. The Five Red Herrings [1931], 10 hours 27 mins
Lord Peter Wimsey could imagine the artist stepping back, the stagger, the fall, down to where the pointed rocks grinned like teeth. But was it an accident, or murder? Six people did not regret Campbell’s death – five were red herrings.
#8. Have His Carcase [1932], 13 hours 47 mins
On a walking holiday, while recovering from a court case in which she was alleged to have killed her lover, Harriet Vane discovers the body of a man lying on rocks on a beach, close to low tide level. The evidence suggests suicide. After taking photographs with her camera, finding a cut throat razor and removing a shoe from the corpse, Harriet vainly tries to enlist help in moving the body before it is washed away by the incoming tide. The local police force is alerted and so is Lord Peter Wimsey.Lord Peter is a charming, intelligent sleuth who has met his intellectual match in Harriet Vane. This further installment of his adventures evokes the nostalgic atmosphere of an English seaside town during the early 1930’s.

#9. Hangman’s Holiday [1933], 6 hours 33 mins
This collection consists of twelve Sayers stories: “The Image in the Mirror,” “The Incredible Elopement of Lord Peter Wimsey,” “The Queen’s Square,” and “The Necklace of Pearls,” all featuring Lord Peter Wimsey; “The Poisoned Dow ’08,” “Sleuths on the Scent,” “Murder in the Morning,” “One too Many,” “Murder at Pentecost,” and “Maher-Shalal-Hashbaz,” all featuring Montague Egg; and “The Man Who Knew How” and “The Fountain Plays,” which are stand-alones without reliance on a continuing character.

#10. Murder Must Advertise [1933], 10 hours 6 mins
Victor Dean falls to his death on the stairs of Pym’s Advertising Agency, and no one is sorry. That is until Lord Peter Wimsey joins the firm and asks some awkward questions. Finding himself involved in a web of blackmail and drugs, more must die before the sinister plot can be unravelled.

#11. The Nine Tailors [1934], 10 hours 35 mins
Lord Peter and Bunter drive into a ditch in the Norfolk Fens on Christmas Eve. They are rescued by the vicar of Fenchurch St. Pauls, whereupon we meet Peter’s previously unsuspected bell-ringing skills. This pastoral idyll is disturbed, however, by the discovery of a faceless, handless corpse in the churchyard. With almost no means of identification, even Lord Peter is pushed to discover the identity of the corpse and its murderer, but the ending to this is both a witty twist on whodunnit convention, and a genuinely moving paean to English village life.

#12. Gaudy Night [1935], 15 hours 37 mins
Obscene graffiti, poison pen letters and a disgusting effigy greeted Harriet Vane on her return to Oxford. A graduate of ten years before and now a successful novelist, this should have been a pleasant, nostalgic visit for her. She asks her lover, Lord Peter Wimsey, for help.

#13. Busman’s Honeymoon [1937], 12 hours 44 mins
Busman’s Honeymoon begins shortly after Gaudy Night. Lord Peter Wimsey arranged a quiet country honeymoon with Harriet Vane, but what should have been an idyllic holiday in an ancient farmhouse takes on a new and unwelcome aspect with the discovery of the previous owner’s body in the cellar!

#14. In The Teeth of the Evidence [1939], 8 hours 16 mins
A collection of 17 short stories, Wimsey fans will be disappointed that he only appears in the first two. `Absolutely Elsewhere’ riffs on the notion of an unshakeable alibi, although keen readers of Sayers’s work will get the twist early on. The same is true of the titular opening story, although there is more fun here in watching Wimsey get to the truth. Montague Egg features in 5 of the stories. Although these are more mannered and Egg’s continued citation of rhyming couplets from The Salesman’s Handbook to explain how he discovers the truth can become irritating, the stories here are probably the most satisfying – especially `Bitter Almonds’, which is a neat twist on poisoning and `The Professor’s Manuscript’, which keeps you guessing until the end. Other Egg stories include `A Shot At Goal’, `Dirt Cheap’, and `False Weight’.
The rest of the stories are more of a mixed bag. Some, like `The Milk Bottles’ and `Nebuchadnezzar’ and `Suspicion’ suffer through their age, but the supernatural elements of `The Cyprian Cat’ is surprisingly effective and `The Inspiration of Mr Budd’ will have you sympathising with the protagonist’s dilemma.

#15. Striding Folly [1972], 2 hours 7 mins
In addition to the title story, in which a nightmare may hold a terrifying premonition, this collection includes “The Haunted Policeman,” which features a house numbered thirteen on a street of even numbers; and “Talboys,” in which one of Lord Peter’s own children is accused of theft. Sayers, like Lord Peter, is at the peak of her powers in her final work.

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