Living Language Spanish, Complete Edition

Living Language Spanish, Complete Edition
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Complete Spanish is a unique multimedia program that takes you beginner to advanced level in one convenient package.

At the core of Complete Spanish is the Living Language Method™, based on linguistic science, proven techniques, and over 65 years of experience. Our method teaches you the whole language, so you can express yourself, not just recite memorized words or scripts.

9 Audio CDs: Vocabulary, dialogues, audio exercises, and more

Spanish Essential:
CD 1 Lessons 1-4
CD 2 Lessons 5-9
CD 3 Lessons 9-10 and Review Dialogues
Spanish Intermediate:
CD 4 Lessons 1-7
CD 5 Lessons 7-14
CD 6 Lessons 14-20
Spanish Advanced:
CD 7 Lessons 1-5
CD 8 Lessons 6-12
CD 9 Lessons 12-16

Español, also called Castilian, is a Western Romance language that originated in the Castile region of Spain and today has hundreds of millions of native speakers in Latin America and Spain. It is usually considered the world’s second-most spoken native language, after Mandarin Chinese.

Spanish is a part of the Ibero-Romance group of languages, which evolved from several dialects of Vulgar Latin in Iberia after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century. The oldest Latin texts with traces of Spanish come from mid-northern Iberia in the 9th century, and the first systematic written use of the language happened in Toledo, then capital of the Kingdom of Castile, in the 13th century. Beginning in the early 16th century, Spanish was taken to the viceroyalties of the Spanish Empire, most notably to the Americas, as well as territories in Africa, Oceania and the Philippines.

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