LiveLessons – Software Architecture in Practice

LiveLessons – Software Architecture in Practice
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Software Architecture in Practice LiveLessons provides aspiring architects an overview to a broad range of methods, processes, and tools that are essential to managing the complexity of large-scale software. These LiveLessons will provide you with practical, road-tested techniques and advice to help you become a software architect.


In this video training, we begin with an overview of software architecture-what it is, what it isnĀ“t, what it is good for, and how you should represent it. We then look at the requirements (quality attributes) that drive architecture-things like performance, modifiability, security, and so forth. We learn how to elicit, prioritize, and characterize these quality attributes precisely and unambiguously. Then we will talk about the building-blocks of architecture: patterns and tactics. Using this knowledge we will go over a method for architecture design called ADD (Attribute Driven Design). Having designed (or inherited) an architecture, you may want to analyze it, to understand its strengths and weaknesses. To achieve this we present a method called the ATAM (Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method). Finally we finish up with some practical advice for practicing architects such as: how to blend architect activities with agile methodologies, and how to be an agent for change in an organization.

Skill Level

What You Will Learn

What is Software Architecture
Architectural Requirements: Quality Attributes
Architectural Patterns and Tactics
Architecture Design
Architecture Analysis
Architecture in Agile Projects
Who Should Take This Course

Developers looking “go to the next level” in their organization and become architects and leaders.
Course Requirements

Basic understanding of programming and development
Basic understanding of the software engineering lifecycle and project activities

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