LiveLessons – OSPF Open Shortest Path First Routing Protocol – Nov 2018

LiveLessons – OSPF Open Shortest Path First Routing Protocol _Nov2018
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Lesson 1: OSPF in Context

Learning objectives

1.1 Routing Protocol Types

1.2 The Distance Vector Approach

1.3 The Link State Approach

1.4 Link State Adjacencies and the Collection of Link State Data

1.5 Dijkstra’s SPF – An Introduction

1.6 Dijkstra’s SPF – Some Complexities

Lesson 2: OSPF Concepts

Learning objectives

2.1 The Communication Blocks of OSPF

2.2 Establishing Relationships between OSPF Devices

2.3 Introducing the Different Types of Link State Information Blocks

2.4 Starting to Build the OSPF Link State Database

2.5 Lesson 2 Lab

Lesson 3: OSPF Hierarchy (How Areas Function)

3.0 Learning objectives

3.1 Introduction to OSPF Areas

3.2 OSPF Route Types and the Initial Building of the Routing Table

3.3 Multi-area Link State Information Blocks

3.4 Discussing the Different Types of OSPF Area

3.5 Moving OSPF Concepts to Reality

3.6 Lesson 3 Lab

Lesson 4: OSPF Security Considerations

4.0 Learning objectives

4.1 Discussing the Different Security Threat Vectors and Motivations

4.2 Reviewing the Methods that Enable Secure OSPF Communication and Interaction

4.3 Lesson 4 Lab

Lesson 5: Optimizing OSPF Operations

5.0 Learning objectives

5.1 Accelerating OSPF Convergence

5.2 Controlling OSPF LSA Generation and Propagation

5.3 Altering Shortest Path First Behavior

5.4 Reducing the Size of the LSDB

5.5 Reducing the Effects of Restarts on OSPF

5.6 Lesson 5 Lab

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