LiveLessons – AWS Certified Security – Specialty

LiveLessons – AWS Certified Security – Specialty
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The AWS Certified Security – Specialty is intended for individuals who perform a security role with at least two years of hands-on experience securing AWS workloads.


Module 1: AWS Certified Security-Specialty Basics

Lesson 1: AWS Certified Security-Specialty Basics
Learning objectives
1.1 Introduction to Security
1.2 Exam Details
1.3 Course Scope Details
1.4 Certification Candidate Skills

Module 2: Incident Response

Lesson 2: Incident Response
Learning objectives
2.1 Abuse Notice Strategies
2.2 Incident Response Basics
2.3 IR Preparation
2.4 IR Detection & Analysis
2.5 IR Containment Eradication & Recovery
2.6 IR Post-Incident Activity
2.7 Case Study: Compromised EC2
2.8 Question Breakdown

Module 3: Logging and Monitoring

Lesson 3: Security Monitoring
Learning objectives
3.1 Infrastructure Security Monitoring
3.2 Application Security Monitoring
3.3 Account Security Monitoring
3.4 Troubleshooting Security Monitoring
3.5 Case Study: Broken Monitoring
3.6 Question Breakdown

Lesson 4: Logging Solutions
Learning objectives
4.1 Access Logs
4.2 Execution Logs
4.3 Security Logs
4.4 Log Processing
4.5 Case Study: Automated Log Management
4.6 Question Breakdown

Module 4: Infrastructure Security

Lesson 5: Infrastructure Security Part 1
Learning objectives
5.1 Edge Security
5.2 VPC Network Security
5.3 VPC Egress Security
5.4 Multiple VPC Strategies
5.5 Case Study: Multi-scope Infrastructure Design
5.6 Question Breakdown

Lesson 6: Infrastructure Security Part 2
Learning objectives
6.1 Network Troubleshooting
6.2 Host-Based Security
6.3 Case Study: The Golden AMI Pipeline
6.4 Question Breakdown

Module 5: Identity and Access Management

Lesson 7: Permissions and Roles
Learning objectives
7.1 AWS Credentials
7.2 IAM Policy Details
7.3 Policy Evaluation Logic
7.4 Assuming IAM Roles
7.5 Case Study: IAM Policy Examples
7.6 Question Breakdown

Lesson 8: Federation and Resource-based Access Control
Learning objectives
8.1 SAML Federation
8.2 Cognito User Pool Federation
8.3 Cognito Identity Pool Federation
8.4 AWS SSO Federation
8.5 AWS Organizations
8.6 S3 Access Control
8.7 API Gateway and Lambda Access Control
8.8 Troubleshooting Permissions
8.9 Case Study: Broken Permission Examples
8.10 Question Breakdown

Module 6: Data Protection

Lesson 9: Key Management
Learning objectives
9.1 Symmetric Data Encryption
9.2 AWS KMS Basics
9.3 AWS KMS Access Control
9.4 AWS CloudHSM
9.5 AWS Certificate Manager
9.6 Using Keys for Authentication
9.7 Troubleshooting Key Management
9.8 Case Study: CloudWatch Logs Encryption
9.9 Question Breakdown

Lesson 10: Data Encryption At-rest and In Transit
Learning objectives
10.1 Data Encryption At-rest by Default
10.2 Data Encryption At-rest as Option
10.3 Data Encryption At-rest Operations
10.4 Data Encryption In Transit-Web
10.5 Data Encryption In Transit-Storage
10.6 Data Encryption In Transit-Network
10.7 Case Study: End-to-End Encryption
10.8 Question Breakdown

Module 7: Next Steps

Lesson 11: Next Steps
Learning objectives
11.1 Study Strategies
11.2 Study Resources


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