LinuxCBT – WinPython Edition

LinuxCBT – WinPython Edition
[box style=”info”]Focus: Windows® Python Scripting
Video Format: MOV
Duration: 8 Hours
Resolution: 1358×766
File Size: 743 MB
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Description :

Course Objective

Python on Windows

  • Basics
    • Discuss features
    • Download & Install
    • Explore environment
    • Derive OS-related values
    • Peruse variables: scalar, sequences, tuples, sets
    • Use interactive | non-interactive modes
    • Transform & slice data accordingly
    • Manage lists with relevant functions
  •  Conditions
    • Discuss applications
    • Confirm and validate supplied arguments
    • Integrate Regular Expressions (RegEx)
    • Navigate standard conditional branches
  •  Loops
    • Cycle through sequences using FOR
    • Traverse lists
    • Generate sequences with range()
    • Iterate over the contents of textual data
    • Use WHILE similarly
    • Evaluate
  •  Error Handling with Exceptions
    • Discuss features and benefits
    • Implement error handling using TRY and EXCEPT
    • Trap various errors based on classes of interest
    • Provision catchall exceptions
  • File I/O
    • Discuss features and modes
    • Open content as string and list
    • Integrate exception handling
    • Strip superfluous delimiters
    • Modify I/O stream to suit objectives
    • Write transformed I/O
    • Ascertain OS statistics as needed
  • Checksum Generation
    • Discuss necessity
    • Identify key hash library and supported checksums
    • Integrate glob() function
    • Auto-generate checksums on specified content
    • Evaluate results
  • Mass Copy & Normalization of Files
    • Define objective
    • Parse delimiters as needed
    • Segregate file elements accordingly
    • Substitute desired delimiters
    • Normalize format
    • Determine delimiters from source files
    • Evaluate output
  •  FTP
    • Implement FTP client library with encryption support to remote instance
    • Parse and retrieve latest content as per objective
    • Confirm results
  •  Directory Tree Copy
    • Identify limitations
    • Import relevant modules
    • Duplicate desired directory trees
    • Confirm results
  •  Process Execution
    • Discuss applicability
    • Implement system calls
    • Parse returned results
    • Evaluate accordingly
  •  URL Library
    • Explain features
    • Import relevant modules
    • Implement HTTP client access
    • Submit variables to server-side process
    • Evaluate returned data

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