LinuxCBT – Windows® PowerShell Scripting

LinuxCBT - Windows® PowerShell Scripting
[box style=”info”]Title: LinuxCBT – Windows® PowerShell Scripting
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Duration: 8 Hours

Course Objective

PowerShell – Windows Scripting Environment – Module VI

Features & Basics
Discuss requirements & key features
Explore environment
Perform basic functions
Compare & contrast with Linux | Unix $SHELLs
Prepare for usage

Common Command-Lets
Discuss applicability
Identify cmdlets in the environment
Use various cmdlets for common tasks
Evaluate results

Pipes & File IO
Highlight importance of pipes
Expose object data via pipes
Interact with files using IO mechanisms
Parse data accordingly
Evaluate results

Profile Management & Aliases
Identify various profile configurations
Define profile-specific values
Apply to user & system scopes
Identify predefined aliases & discuss
Create aliases for common reference
Evaluate resutls

Conditions & Loops
Peruse conditional syntax
Generate conditions for common scenarios
Branch code accordingly
Explore supported looping mechanisms
Write loops to process data

Regular Expressions (RegExes)
Discuss applicability
Enumerate useful metacharacters
Perform matches as needed
Filter data and evaluate

Service | Process Management
Discuss capabilities
Identify key cmdlets and execute
Parse services | processes for state information
Interrogate services | processes on-demand
Compare with GUI environment
Highlight benefits

Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE)
Discuss features & beneftis
Explore GUI interface
Execute commands on-demand
Author simple scripts
Evaluate results

PowerShell Scripts
Check services via script
Confirm CLI positional parameters
Mass Copy | Move files based on criteria
Normalize files with desired delimiters
Evaluate results

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