LinuxCBT – SQLite RDBMS Administration

LinuxCBT - SQLite RDBMS Administration
[box style=”info”]Title: LinuxCBT – SQLite RDBMS Administration
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Duration: 4 Hours

Course Objective
Intro to SQLite – RDBMS – Usage – Administration

Introduction – SQLite – Features
Discuss features and benefits
Identify installation footprint
Contrast SQLite with Client | Server RDBMSs
Discuss pros and cons of facility
Explore environment

SQLite Terminal Monitor Client
Pinpoint key invocation options
Enter SQLite Terminal Monitor
Contrast with MySQL Terminal Monitor
Expose RDBMS structure
Explore default schema
Create sample DBs with sample Table structures
Use various terminal features accordingly
Evaluate results

Data Types | Manifest Typing
Discuss features and benefits
Implement various Redirects
Trace behavior in appropriate logs
Contrast Redirects and other forms of URL Handling

Data Transportation
Highlight useful features
Consider transportation scenarios
Export data to a variety of formats
Import data from various sources
Ensure target DBMS configuration
Dump to MySQL and evaluate
Import from MySQL accordingly
Consider implications of pure SQL transports

SQLite – Bits and Bobs – Miscellany
Examine cross-platform operability
Compounded Queries
Table auto-incrementation considerations
Alter Table support
Table populations via $SHELL
File System space reclamation with SQL VACUUM
Witness SQL VIEWS support
Attach | Detach databases
Perform appropriate queries against sources

BASH $SHELL – SQLite Support
Discuss applicabilitiy
Generate DB and Table-space
Test manual data-captures
Author script with appropriate trappings
Alter Table space accordingly to reflect hypothetical shifts
Parse useful system data
Automate procedure

Python – SQLite – Integration
Consider features
Discuss sample usage scenarios
Review Python Interactive Mode
Generate sample connection string blocks
Test Python-SQLite connectivity
Automate data collection with Python | SQLite
Debug as needed

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