LinuxCBT – SQLite Edition

LinuxCBT - SQLite Edition

Title: LinuxCBT – SQLite Edition
Video Format: MOV
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Focus: SQLite RDBMS Administration
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Description :

Course Objective

Intro to SQLite – RDBMS – Usage – Administration

  • Introduction – SQLite – Features
    • Discuss features and benefits
    • Identify installation footprint
    • Contrast SQLite with Client | Server RDBMSs
    • Discuss pros and cons of facility
    • Explore environment
  • SQLite Terminal Monitor Client
    • Pinpoint key invocation options
    • Enter SQLite Terminal Monitor
    • Contrast with MySQL Terminal Monitor
    • Expose RDBMS structure
    • Explore default schema
    • Create sample DBs with sample Table structures
    • Use various terminal features accordingly
    • Evaluate results
  • Data Types | Manifest Typing
    • Discuss features and benefits
    • Implement various Redirects
    • Trace behavior in appropriate logs
    • Contrast Redirects and other forms of URL Handling
  • Data Transportation
    • Highlight useful features
    • Consider transportation scenarios
    • Export data to a variety of formats
    • Import data from various sources
    • Ensure target DBMS configuration
    • Dump to MySQL and evaluate
    • Import from MySQL accordingly
    • Consider implications of pure SQL transports
  • SQLite – Bits and Bobs – Miscellany
    • Examine cross-platform operability
    • Compounded Queries
    • Table auto-incrementation considerations
    • Alter Table support
    • Table populations via $SHELL
    • File System space reclamation with SQL VACUUM
    • Witness SQL VIEWS support
    • Attach | Detach databases
    • Perform appropriate queries against sources
  • BASH $SHELL – SQLite Support
    • Discuss applicabilitiy
    • Generate DB and Table-space
    • Test manual data-captures
    • Author script with appropriate trappings
    • Alter Table space accordingly to reflect hypothetical shifts
    • Parse useful system data
    • Automate procedure
  • Python – SQLite – Integration
    • Consider features
    • Discuss sample usage scenarios
    • Review Python Interactive Mode
    • Generate sample connection string blocks
    • Test Python-SQLite connectivity
    • Automate data collection with Python | SQLite
    • Debug as needed
    • Evaluate results

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