LinuxCBT – SFTP Edition Video Training

LinuxCBT - SFTP Edition Video Training
[box style=”info”]Title: LinuxCBT – SFTP Edition Video Training
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Focus: Secure File Transfers
System Requirements: Browser | [HTML5] | Flash | Javascript
User Agents: Chrome | Safari | Firefox | IE9+ | Opera
Mobile Platforms: Droid | IOS | Phones | Tablets | Phablets
Duration: 9 Hours

Course Objective

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Security – Module X

Introduction – Topology – Features
Discuss course outline
Explore network topology
Identify key systems to be used
Discuss key SFTP features

FTP Analyses – Caveats & Ramifications
Identify FTP caveats
Intercept FTP Client | Server traffic using TCPDump
Analyze traffic streams using WireShark
Install PuTTY SFTP | SSH clients on Windows
Generate SFTP traffic using PuTTY
Analyze SFTP traffic using WireShark
Compare and contrast FTP | SFTP traffic streams
Disable | Remove FTPD services

Secure Copy Program (SCP)
Discuss features and benefits
Generate test data for transmissions via SCP
Transfer test data to various systems using SCP
Confirm applied permissions
Use ‘pscp’ on Windows to transfer test data to various systems
Reverse transfers with SCP
Implement rate limiting of transfers with SCP
Examine SCP behavior with respect to existing | nonexisting data
Evaluate results

SFTP on SUSE® Enterprise Linux
Connect to remote SUSE Enterprise system
Identify key binaries
Discuss common command-line options
Initiate SFTP sessions
Debug corrupt public key upon connection
Explore SFTP interactive mode
Examine SFTP instances in the process table
Transfer data using SFTP

SFTP on RedHat® Enterprise Linux
Discuss features and benefits
Identify key binaries
Initiate connections
Perform puts and gets
Enable debugging on multiple levels and evaluate key output
Explore remote and local identity files for SSHv1 & SSHv2
Evaluate results

SFTP on Solaris®
Discuss features and benefits
Obtain pseudo-terminal on Solaris system
Identify key binaries
Compare and contrast Linux | Solaris ‘sftp’ options
Transfer test data
Examine transfer status in progress
Enable debugging
Discuss the function of the ‘known_hosts’ file
Explain SFTP key management
Explore identify files
Examine escape character sequences in SFTP and SSH

Discuss features and benefits
Initiate SSH session with debugging on MacOSX
Explore debug output
Identify key binaries and associated permissions
Peruse ‘sftp’ command-line options
Connect to Solaris system into non-standard location
Discuss first-time SFTP|SSH connectivity ramifications
Transfer test data and evaluate
Identify global configuration files – contrast with Linux|Solaris
Use ‘sftp’ non-interactively

SFTP on Windows® Server
Discuss features and benefits
Initiate ‘rdesktop’ session to Windows Server
Configure and use PuTTY
Explore ‘psftp’ interactive commands – contrast with Linux|Solaris|MacOSX
Initiate connectivity with ‘psftp’ interactively
Use ‘psftp’ to transfer test data
Enable debugging

SFTP with FileZilla
Discuss features and benefits
Download FileZilla
Configure to use SFTP
Initiate connections to remote systems
Transfer test data
Use PuTTY to examine SFTP PID on remote system for FileZilla

Public Key Authentication with SFTP
Discuss features and benefits
Generate PKI usage keys on various platforms
Identify key files
Share usage keys with communicating partners
Initiate passwordless connections
Move test data seamlessly
Integrate FileZilla with PuTTY public key authentication
Evaluate results

Discuss features and benefits
Identify key binaries
Initiate oubound SFTP connections from FreeBSD to various hosts
Enable debugging
Dictate identity file selection via the command-line
Use wildcards and metacharacters with ‘sftp’
Enable debugging
Enable SSH server on non-standard port
Evaluate connectivity via command-line override
Use the shell within interactive SFTP sessions

SFTP – Batch Processing Mode
Discuss features and benefits
Define and execute a simple batch
Evaluate results
Explore error handling of the batch processor
Supply input from STDIN
Expand the batch process to include more useful steps
Create and execute a simple backup process for SFTP
Integrate SFTP batch process with Cron

SFTP Configuration Control
Discuss features and benefits
Explore: command-line, user, and system-wide logic and options
Implement directives at each tier and evaluate

Discuss features and benefits
Initiate manual connections
Define connection string for automation
Connect to remote systems via SFTP
Enable debugging
Explore how LFTP uses SSH to function similar to SFTP
Transfer test data
Configure LFTP to use public key auth
Define batch steps to move test data
Evaluate results

Restrict SSH Sessions to SFTP Only
Discuss features and benefits
Explore key configuration files
Apply changes to various hosts
Evaluate results

IPv6 Integration
Explore IPv6 environment
Configure name resolution for IPv6
Test IPv6 connectivity with SFTP
Evaluate results

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