LinuxCBT – Key-Files Edition

LinuxCBT - Key-Files Edition

Title: LinuxCBT – Key-Files Edition
Video Format: MOV
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Description :
Key-Files Security – Module XIII

Introduction – Topology – Features
Discuss areas of concern
Expose available systems
Prepare to study important files

Boot Partition
Identify /boot setup on various systems
Enumerate key files regarding boot sequence
Peruse various configuration files
Present hypothetical areas of failure
Contrast with Windows boot implementation

INIT Environment
Discuss traditional INIT implementation
Identify important files across distributions
Examine INIT.D and RC hierarchies
Propose methods of ensuring integrity of environment

Kernel Modules Environment
Identify key directory hierarchy
Discuss applicability
Explore various modules related configuration files
Enumerate loaded modules and correlate to FS taxonomy
Correlate detected modules to loaded and available modules

PROC File System
Discuss usage and applicability
Descend PROC hierarchy accordingly
Identify PID tree and related descriptors
Recover Kernel invocation method
Expose supported Paritions, File Systems & Devices
Dump CPU & Memory configuration
Peruse other applicable PROC entries

SBIN Executables
Identify available SBIN containers
Expose SETGID and SETUID SBIN entries
Enumerate relevant client system binaries
Locate important SBIN daemons | services
Discuss storage management SBIN entries
Find interface and network related SBIN entries

System Control Configuration
Explain applicability
Identify user space process
Enumerate default configuration directives
Define common variables influencing system behavior
Committ variables for persistence
Discuss potential areas of concern with system configuration
Evaluate results

INETD | XINETD Configuration
Explain super server usage
Identify both INETD and XINETD on relevant systems
Expose controlled services
Disable superfluous super-server controlled services

User Accounts Environment
Discuss relevance of securing related files
Explain default files
Suggest areas of concern regarding compromised entries
Tighten default security policy related to user accounts

Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
Identify key files related to PAM AUTH
Expose baseline configuration based on current definition
Locate baseline PAM libraries and discuss strategies
Compare and contrast environmental differences across accounts

Hosts | Protocols | Services
Explain relevance of these key files
Discuss typical name resolution process
Identify baseline confguration
Affect changes to relevant files and evaluate
Discuss typical malware impact on key files

NSSWITCH Configuraton
Explain importance and relevance
Identify various implementations
Make changes to name resolver configuration
Evaluate results

DNS Client Resolution Configuration
Identify key files governing client resolution
Perform queries with incorrect resolution
Correct resolution accordingly
Vary configuration and evaluate results

User Profiles Environment
Discuss applicable entries related to profiles
Delineate between system-wide and user-wide configurations
Examine relevant profile files for $SHELL and GUI environments
Posit suggestions to tighten baseline
Evaluate accordingly

System Scheduler Environment
Discuss importance of CRON
Identify system and user-wide configuration files
Propose methods of tightening configuration
Evaluate resuls

DNS Server Configuration
Discuss importance of traffic direction services
Identify key files across distributions
Suggest areas to enhance security posture
Intersperse corrupt DNS values and evaluate influence

SYSLOG Configuration
Discuss applicability
Review baseline configuration
Hypothesize possible data-leakage opportunities
Propose methods of configuration augmentation

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