LinuxCBT – BASH Edition

LinuxCBT - BASH Edition
[box style=”info”]Title: LinuxCBT – BASH Edition
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Focus: BASH Shell Scripting
Duration: 13 Hours

Course Objective
Bourne Again Shell (BASH) Scripting – Module I

Introduction to BASH Command Line Interface (CLI)
Identify BASH installation & key configuration files on RedHat & Debian GNU/Linux distros
Identify & use common built-in BASH commands (pwd,cd,set,unset,export,source,etc.)
BASH Command-line Expansion
Brace Expansion
Tilde Expansion
Parameter & variable Expansion
Command Substitution
BASH Reserved words
BASH History identification & configuration
Aliases (ls,du,df,rm,cp)
Backticks – command expansion & execution
BASH Prompt configuration
Command chaining
Error level/Return code (Command Exit Status) identification
Conditional execution of subsequent commands (&&,||)

Redirection | Error Handling
Standard Input
Direct input from STDIN (Standard Input)
Redirect input from a file
Standard Output
Direct output to STDOUT (Standard Output )
Redirect output to a file
Append Standard Output to an existing file
Standard Error
Explore STDERR attributes
Redirect Standard Error
Input/Output (I/O) Redirection
Sequential execution via pipes
Quoting & Escaping

BASH Scripting
Basic Script definition (hello world), permissions modification & execution
Internal BASH variables
Global Variable definition
Function definition
Local Variable definition – function scope
BASH Arrays
Menu creation using Select
Job control – Foreground/Background processing
Case – Concise Conditional Branching
Positional Parameters

BASH Script Definition
Create BASH script to move multiple files to new names defined by positional parameters
Create script to monitor directory for file changes and report the differences via E-mail to Administrator
Create script to monitor directory size and report threshold encroachment to Administrator via E-mail
Define script to parse logs for keywords and notify the Administrator via E-mail
Create script to monitor network connectivity between hosts and report outages to Admin via E-mail
Define script to monitor process, restart if fails, and E-mail Administrator at defineable limits
Create script to backup sub-directories using Tar & Gzip, define threshold, and SSH file to remote host
Log the output of BASH scripts to a Syslog-like format

BASH 3.x Updates
Explore BASH 3.x on multiple platforms: Linux|Solaris|MacOSX|FreeBSD
Compare and contrast to BASH 2.x
Execute BASH 2.x commands|scripts within BASH 3.x on multiple platforms
Evaluate results

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