Linux System Programming Techniques & Concepts | Udemy

Linux System Programming Techniques & Concepts | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn Advance Programming Concepts in C/C++
Develop and Integrate C/C++ Libraries
Automate Build Process using Makefile
Use of Function Pointers as Callbacks
Static and Dynamic Libraries and Linking
Compilation Process of a GCC Compiler
Organize the code into Header and Source files
Understanding Memory allocations, Heap Memory Management, Memory Leaks
Stack Memory, Stack overflow, Stack Corruption, Stack Registers
Paging Concepts and Page Tables
Concept of TLVs

The Course shall be delivered into two Releases :

Release 1 Building and Managing a Library: This covers basics regarding how one should create and organize his code as a Library.

Release 2 Memory Management Concepts: This covers Advance concepts on Linux Memory Management specifically. Please check Table of Contents for more info.

Why you should *NOT* do this course?

1. Please Excuse this course if you are the ultimate beginner in C programming !!

2. There is no point of doing this course if you don’t like hitting the keyboard, and lazy enough to watch lecture VDOs only

3. If you want everything cooked and served on your plate.

Course Pre-requisite :

Above Beginners Level in C/C++ programming

Good to have basic OS knowledge

Zeal to excel and Code

Who this course is for:
Students who have basic knowledge of C/C++ programming
Warning : Not for Absolute beginners in Programming
Who want to take their programming Skills from Beginner to Professional Level
Final year students looking to crack the Interview Questions on OS, C programming

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